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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Remarkable Photo Taken at ND's Grotto

This has been flying around the web the last week -- thought I'd post the photo and the story below...


ESPN's Coverage of the Farrell Family Reunion

Michael Floyd "Getting Comfortable" with NE

Here's a story out of New England about the Patriots' and their efforts to get the former Notre Dame All-American up to speed...


Giants to Promote Ishaq Williams to NFL Roster

The media is reporting that former Notre Dame student-athlete, Ishaq Williams will be promoted today to the New York Giants roster today.

If this is true -- this is great news for Williams, who hasn't played in a real game in some time.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Matt Farrell's "Christmas Surprise" -- Tonight!

How Do College Football Coaches Handle This?

Stanford's star running back Christian McCaffrey has opted not to play in the Cardinal's bowl game in order to concentrate on training for the upcoming NFL Draft.

Is this the Jaylon Smith Effect?

Yet, former Notre Dame All-American Jaylon Smith "tweeted" this today...


Domer Golden Tate Injured in Loss to Giants

Former Notre Dame All-American Golden Tate caught eight passes yesterday for 122 yards in the Detroit Lions' loss to the New York Giants.  Tate leads the Lions in yards receiving for the season with 942.

The Lions and Tate aren't talking about the injury...


Sunday, December 18, 2016

ND Looking for Strength & Conditioning Coach

It was reported by NBC Sports yesterday that Paul Longo, head of ND Football's strength & conditioning program has taken on another role on Coach Kelly's staff.

If this is true -- there has been no confirmation from Notre Dame on this report -- you can be certain that Notre Dame will conduct a national search for this important position.

Here's a look at the EIGHT highest paid Strength & Conditioning coaches in college football -- you'll be surprised which college program currently pays the most for this position...


Torii Hunter, Jr. to Pursue Baseball Career

The now former Fighting Irish wide receiver will pursue his lifelong dream of playing professional baseball like his Dad.

TorIi was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels this past summer -- here's the story...


Coach Brey's Presser After Loss to Purdue

New York Post Q&A With Domer Romeo Okwara

The New York media seems to be taking a liking to the Giants' free agent rookie from the University of Notre Dame.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Floyd Gets New Start and New Number in NE

Here's a photo of Michael Floyd at his first practice with the New England Patriots Friday.  The former Notre Dame All-American is now wearing #14.

#21 Notre Dame vs. #15 Purdue at 2 PM ET

The Fighting Irish have the opportunity today to beat a higher ranked opponent in the Crossroads Classic in Indianapolis.  The game tips off at 2 PM ET and will be televised on ESPN2.

Here's what the media is saying about today's game: 





Mike Brey Talks Today's Game With #15 Purdue

Friday, December 16, 2016

Domers Galore In Detroit Lions Hype Video !!!

Former Notre Dame football stars Golden Tate (#15), Theo Riddick (#25) and T.J. Jones (#13) have the Detroit Lions currently all alone in 1st place in the NFL's "Norris" Division...

More Info On Defensive Coordinator Mike Elko

All we're waiting on now is Notre Dame to make Elko's hiring official...


Bill Belichick Talks About Signing Michael Floyd

The New England Patriots' Bill Belichick met with the media for the first time this morning since they claimed Michael Floyd off of the NFL waiver wire yesterday.

The former Notre Dame All-American is getting a second chance in Boston...



WSBT Report: Brian Polian is Returning to ND

The former head football coach at Nevada -- and former Notre Dame assistant coach, is reportedly returning 'home' to the Fighting Irish!

The University of Notre Dame has not confirmed his hiring.

This is Coach Polian's press conference leading into his game this year against Notre Dame.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Is This Notre Dame's New "D" Coordinator ???

The news has been breaking this evening that Notre Dame has hired Wake Forest's Mike Elko as its new Defensive Coordinator...

No confirmation from Notre Dame.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

OT: A Daughter's Eulogy for Her Beloved Dad

My daughter Kara was fortunate enough to marry into a wonderful Irish clan called WALSH -- a little over two years ago here (at a weekend to remember) at the University of Notre Dame.  Unfortunately for me -- that was the only time my path crossed Tom Walsh...

This past Thursday, our son-in-law Conor Walsh lost his remarkable UNCLE TOMMY to a 22 month long battle with pancreatic cancer.

Photo above (LtoR):  Uncle Tommy, son Kyle, daughter Kelsie, wife Carrie and daughter Kiera.

Tom Walsh's funeral was held yesterday morning.

Kiera, Tommy's oldest daughter -- delivered this wonderful eulogy about her Dad.  It was so well written and delivered, I wanted all of you to see it...

“Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?” You may recognize this quote. It is from my dad’s favorite movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”

I’m Kiera, Thomas’s oldest daughter and I want to begin by sincerely thanking each and every one of you for being here to celebrate my dad’s greatness. I could never have imagined myself standing here, but I am incredibly honored to share a few words about my dad with you today.

You may know him by one of his many names: Thomas, Tom, Tommy, Uncle Tommy, Mr. Walsh, Coach, T-Wiz, or Dad- whoever he was to you, I think we can all agree, he was simply exceptional.

We watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” as a family every year at Christmas time. The movie’s message has weaved its way through my dad’s life and it has really resonated with us during this 22-month journey. The message- that things of true worth are not measured in dollars, but in currency of friendship and family, and the good karma that one puts into the world. 

And like George Bailey, my dad was the richest man in town.

As a child, my dad’s large, loving and loud Irish family from Staten Island served as a strong foundation for all that he valued. His parents set an example of a wonderful marriage and creation of a strong family. My dad’s five sisters and one brother were their own community, teammates in every sense of the word- whether it be cleaning the dishes, taking over Hillside swim club, tackling chores, or playing a made-up game in which my dad would make up his own rules. For example, my dad would say, “Okay let’s play lacrosse”, however he was the only one with a stick and everyone else just ran around. Hence the “Tommy’s Game, Tommy’s Rules” phrase on these purple bracelets that so many of you have worn in support of my dad. Similar to then, he made his own rules during his fight against pancreatic cancer and boy did he win. My dad loved to play games, including cor cor ringa lario- he also loved to run. He earned the nick name “Tough as nails” because he ran through injuries, he never let the pain effect his effort. Throughout his lifetime and especially when faced with the challenge of battling cancer, the nickname remained true- my dad was “tough as nails”. It was his upbringing that contributed to the person he was- patient, understanding and sympathetic, a great listener and someone who always provided a level-headed point of view. 

His fun continued on to SUNY Cortland where he was known as a “wild Irishman”- he made many new friends, indulged in many beers, and met the love of his life and his perfect balance, my mother Carrie. His easy-going, fun-loving, sweet natured way needed a partner who was feisty, in control, and Italian. Their love blossomed into marriage and many people would say, “Only Tommy could be married to Carrie- only Tommy could handle that firecracker!”

My dad loved what he loved. Amongst many things, he loved his big Irish family. He loved the Walsh family reunions where one could hear traditional Irish music and Danny Boy and the Red Rose Café on repeat. Anytime we could all be together was cherished. He loved watching the family grow and expand, however never allowing the strength of our bond to lessen. FOE became our family’s acronym for “Family Over Everything”.

My dad also loved Bruce Springsteen. His favorite song, “Thunder Road”, became his anthem at the many parties he attended. Speaking of parties, my dad was everyone’s favorite wedding guest, dance partner and the life of every party. In 2005, my dad discovered his “happy place”, Penn State, lovingly referred to by all as “Happy Valley”. With all three of his kids attending Penn State, he fell in love with the place, as did we all. But T-Wiz LOVED Penn State. It was as if he found the “fountain of youth”. He even received an alumni card in the mail and would flash it at the doors of frat houses with a quick “Alumni, 1982” with a confident head nod. He and my mom hosted unbelievable tailgates and all of our friend circles grew to love our parents. What was not to love? It wasn’t just the football and tailgating that my dad loved- he was 100% correct when he said that THON was the greatest thing about Penn State. Many of you know, The Dance Marathon is a student-run philanthropy event that raises money for Pediatric Cancer- Kyle, Kelsie, and myself danced in THON and my dad was our #1 cheerleader. We didn’t know then the first hand impact of cancer and my dad and I often talked about how our perspective changed with the onset of his diagnosis. Cancer is cruel and it affects the whole family. 

Now we all know that my mom loved to travel, whereas my dad was happy with the simple and maybe cheaper options . My mom was amazing in that way, as she pushed my dad, Kyle, Kelsie, and myself to see the world. We went on many amazing trips and had incredible adventures, but no matter where we went, my dad’s favorite place in the world was “7 Helen Road”. Our home in Clinton, New Jersey was where my dad played what, according to him, was his most important role- being a father. During the end of his battle with cancer, he told us that he “only wanted to be a good lawyer, but really wanted to be a great father.” He said his kids were the benchmarks of his life. How lucky are we to have a dad who did it all? The bed time “tuck-ins”, the nightly prayers, the spider killings, the dancing/singing/freeze tag games, the made-up adventures in the back yard, the coach to all of our soccer, softball, and basketball teams. He never missed a game. How fortunate are we to have always had the sound advice of a father who led by example, consistently supported us and inspired us to try our best. He was not just our father but our closest friend. He was our greatest gift.

So we see that my dad did love with all of his might and with an infectious enthusiasm. But more than anything else, he loved people.
In the movie, Clarence the guardian angels says “Remember, George: no man is a failure who has friends.”

My dad loved all of you in this room. No matter when you met my dad, he touched your lives in some way. My dad always liked keeping tabs on everyone, even when he was most sick and confined to his brown lazy boy chair, he would ask how each one of you was doing- things like- where are they working? Whose kid is getting married? Where are the kids going to college? Who are they dating? What team they are rooting for? What did they do over the weekend? Who was at the party? He loved each and every one of you in this room. He was exceptional in making everyone feel welcome. He instilled a bit of his wisdom with each role that he played. He inspired others in the way he lived, and the way he fought (during the past two years). He loved with a full and genuine heart. He made others smile with the sharing of his own. He created laughter and made each and every one feel unique and as if they were the most important person to him in that moment. His impact on others was unmatched. His selfless nature was effortless. 

It has been an incredibly difficult 22-month journey. My dad fought cancer with everything he had up until the very end because he simply wanted to live. As his hospice nurse put it, “He just didn’t wanna leave the party.”

Gosh do I love my dad, and I know you all do too. Thank you for loving him. Thank you for sharing your memories and thoughts about my dad. My family and I know that he was loved beyond measure.

“Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?” After we leave church today and go back to our daily routine- We will all feel that hole in our lives in different ways. It may be when you turn on a Penn State game, go to pick up the phone, try to find a dance partner, hear a Springsteen song, raise a glass of Irish beer, or glance over at his brown lazy boy chair. And while that hole can never be filled, we will smile, and remember that our memories with him will last forever. 

See Dad, you really had a wonderful life. I love you. 

Thank you all for coming.

A candle was lit and prayers were said yesterday morning at Notre Dame's Grotto for Uncle Tommy Walsh -- Heaven is his home now!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Brey's Irish are #15 / #21 / #21 in Hoop Polls

You don't often move up in the POLLS after a loss -- but, the Fighting Irish did just that, moving up in three of the rankings this week...



DeShone Kizer's Video Announcing NFL Plans

Domer Okwara Gets First NFL Start Last Night!

Former Notre Dame student-athlete Romeo Okwara '16 earned his first NFL start last night for the New York Football Giants on national television.

The 21 year-old Okwara, who entered Notre Dame as a 16 year-old -- made 8 tackles, 1 sack (photo above) and 1 pass deflection in his NFL starting debut.

I believe he just might be the only 21 year-old player in the National Football League with a college degree -- he has a B.S. in Accounting from Notre Dame.

Oh, by the way --- the Giants beat the Cowboys 10 - 7 in a defensive slug fest.


No Surprise: Kizer Declares for 2017 NFL Draft

Kizer announced on Twitter today that he would be foregoing his senior season at Notre Dame to enter the 2017 NFL Draft.

Brian Kelly will now be turning over the reins to the QB position to Brandon Wimbush.

Here's a little info on Wimbush.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

CBS: "Notre Dame Can Play With Anyone"

This is the prevailing attitude the morning after Mike Brey's Fighting Irish gave #1 Villanova all they wanted yesterday afternoon...

See "Point #2" in the article linked below.


Notre Dame Goes "Toe to Toe" With #1 Villanova

For 31 minutes of yesterday's game -- we were the greatest college basketball team in America...

Here's what the media is saying about Villanova's win over our Fighting Irish.






Saturday, December 10, 2016

Best Designed Short Yardage Play of the Year!

OT: Every Irish Fan is a BULLDOG FAN Today!

My Ferris State Bulldogs are playing in the NCAA Division II National Semifinal game today against #1 and defending national champion Northwest Missouri State.


"Catholics vs. Convicts" Tonight on ESPN!

Right after the Heisman Trophy presentation -- ESPN will be televising "Catholics vs. Convicts" at 9 PM ET.  An ESPN 30 for 30 film directed by Notre Dame alum Patrick Creadon.

Here's the full-game replay of this all-time classic in 1988!

America's Game -- 2016 Spirit Videos

Army vs. Navy -- the Uniform Battle Today

Here's the inside story on THE UNIFORM BATTLE between NIKE and UNDER ARMOUR as they outfitted ARMY and NAVY respectively with special looks for today's game.



The Media Looks at #1 Villlanova vs. #23 ND

Took a lap around the worldwide web to see what the media is saying about today's game of the "UNDEFEATED" as #1 Villanova and #23 Notre Dame which tips-off at NOON ET on CBS.






Here's a Sneak Peek at #1 Villanova...

Mike Brey Talks About Playing #1 Villanova

Friday, December 9, 2016

OT: Scorsese Talks "Silence" and His Faith

Scorsese's latest film "Silence" debuts this December 23rd here in America.  It's receiving great acclaim...

Here is the movie's trailer.

A Notre Dame Reference by Coach Popovich

Winter Has Arrived at Notre Dame...

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Domer TJ Jones Talks About His Return to NFL

I'm very happy for TJ Jones that his effort to get back onto the Detroit Lions active roster has paid off...


Notre Dame Super Fan -- Keith Penrod

A Notre Dame Moment: Composer Libbie Gerry

Music composer Libbie Gerry has never had anyone perform her music. 

That changed this past Monday at the University of Notre Dame when sophomore Alex Mansour performed a dozen of Libbie's songs on the Leighton Concert Hall stage.

That's Libbie sitting in the left hand chair.  What a talent.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

UCONN's Length & Strength Too Much for Irish

UCONN Brings an 82 Game Winning Streak...

Will tonight be one more of those "Notre Dame Moments" at Purcell Pavilion where the Fighting Irish stop another streak?

Will this be the night where Notre Dame finally plays with a "full deck" against  UCONN?  We've had a run of unfortunate injuries take place just before we've played the Huskies in the last four or five games...

I'm going to be sitting at mid-court, three rows back -- just a few feet away from ESPN's broadcast team. 


LINK:  UCONN vs. NOTRE DAME -- Harftford Courant


LINK:  UCONN  vs. NOTRE DAME -- Baltimore Sun

Catholics vs. Convicts on ESPN This Saturday...

Skylar on Tonight's #1 UCONN vs. #2 ND Battle

Former Notre Dame All-American Skylar Diggins will be working tonight's broadcast between #1 UCONN and #2 Notre Dame.  Should be quite the battle!

Game tips off at 7 PM ET on ESPN2.



Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Monday, December 5, 2016

Big Test for Notre Dame Basketball This Week!

The ONLY UNDEFEATED basketball school (Men's & Women's Teams) in America will be tested to the max this week!

On Wednesday, Muffet's Irish take on #1 and defending National Champion UCONN.

On Saturday, Mike Brey's Irish take on #1 and defending National Champion Villanova.

We'll know alot about Notre Dame basketball five days from now.

ND Basketball -- 221 Points Just Hours Apart!

Mike Brey's & Muffet McGraw's Fighting Irish put on an offensive show yesterday at Purcell Pavilion -- scoring 221 points in wins over North Carolina A&T and Valparaiso, respectively.


Mike Brey's Irish Finally Crack the AP's Top 25

The only undefeated team in the ACC, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame -- finally received a top 25 ranking today -- coming in at #23.


It's a start!


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Muffet's Irish Win Big on NIELE'S Day!

Domer Golden Tate Goes Over 5,000 Yard Mark!

Best News This Year for Notre Dame Football!

Ohio State getting into the College Football Playoff -- here's why:
  1. They didn't win their Conference Championship
  2. They didn't play 13 games
  3. Notre Dame Football just needs to be great in 12 games -- TO GET IN!

So, Irish fans -- there's reason to smile this day.  We can play the "Ohio State card" when the media and opposition complain when Notre Dame gets into the College Football Playoff -- NEXT SEASON!

OT: Christmas Decorating, The Biltmore Estate

ND Fans, Think Good Thoughts for My Bulldogs

This is what victory looks like! 

The Ferris State Bulldogs beat #2 ranked Grand Valley State University (at GVSU) yesterday in the FREEZING COLD (I was there!) to move on to the NCAA Division II Semifinals next Saturday against #1 ranked Northwest Missouri State University.



When a Notre Dame & USC QB Get Together...

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Jack Swarbrick Talks Notre Dame Football

OT: ND Fans -- Let's Adopt the Bulldogs Today!

My alma mater Ferris State University is playing a football game today against Coach Kelly's old team -- the Lakers of Grand Valley State in a NCAA Division II Elite Eight game.

I'm heading to Allendale in an hour -- to see this 1 PM ET kick-off in person!


Friday, December 2, 2016

OT: Notre Dame's "Lake Effect" Snow Season

The University of Notre Dame could see its first significant snowfall of the season next week -- and it's expected to be the "lake effect" variety.

Notre Dame Basketball's Secret Weapon