Sunday, November 6, 2016

Domer Molly Huddle -- Third in NYC Marathon!

Former Notre Dame All-American distance runner Molly Huddle '06 -- running in her first marathon -- became the first American to finish on the podium at the New York City Marathon since 2010, taking the bronze medal.

As the top American finisher -- Molly pocketed an additional $25,000 bonus check along with the $40,000 awarded to the third place finisher.

Congratulations Molly!





Domer Golden Tate Catch & Run Game Winner!

OT: Not a Cubs Fan, But You Have to Love This

When Will College Football Staffs Have This?

A rules expert -- someone who knows the rules of football better than the part-time officials do?  An individual on the coaching staff, who in "real time," can catch officials' making mistakes in their interpretation of the rules or, the scope of their authority -- and get them reversed IMMEDIATELY.

We experienced a huge officiating call in the ND vs. Navy game yesterday -- where a FOOTBALL RULES EXPERT (standing on Notre Dame's sideline) could have changed the outcome of the game.  
  • The game changing "12-man on the field penalty call against Notre Dame" -- that led to Navy's game winning TD -- was made by the replay official from the American Conference (Navy's conference) and, he should not have been allowed to make that call.  SEE THE RULE.  Ironically the ACC officials on the field did not feel it was a penalty and did not drop a flag on the play.
 You can see Devin Studstill running off field before snap...

What would it be worth to Brian Kelly today -- if there had been someone on his sideline who could have let the ACC officiating crew know IMMEDIATELY -- "this is not his call in the replay booth..." 

I'm sure we can find a Notre Dame student or two who could become quite proficient on the OFFICIAL RULES OF FOOTBALL -- and keep the guys in "black & white" in check.

What do you think?

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