Wednesday, January 3, 2018

What Though the Odds -- Brey's Now #1

Without "all-everything" Bonzie Colson for the next eight weeks -- and now Matt Farrell (who injured an ankle in the 1st half) -- the surprising FIGHTING IRISH put on their finest performance of the season -- beating North Carolina State 88 - 58.

And, they rewarded Coach Brey with win #394 at Notre Dame -- surpassing Digger Phelps as the all-time wins leader for the Fighting Irish.

Oh, by the way -- Notre Dame is tied for 1st place in the ACC at 2 - 0!

Congratulations Coach Brey!

And, a "tip of the cap" to Digger Phelps -- who gave much to Notre Dame -- and still does! 


A Domer, the Best in the NFL at His Position

He's the best guard in the NFL -- and it's not even close...

Bonzie Colson Out for at Least Eight Weeks...

Our men's basketball program did not need this news...

Colson broke a foot in practice and will undergo surgery on Thursday -- the hope is he'll be back just before tournament time.

Someone or some people are going to have to step up their game.  Tomorrow night will be the first game sans Bonzie -- all eyes will be on the result.