Saturday, June 10, 2017

Plenty of Transfer Talent Headed to Notre Dame

It's been a busy time for the folks in charge of transfer admissions at the University of Notre Dame...

In the last few months -- FIVE TALENTED STUDENT-ATHLETES -- made the decision to wear the BLUE and GOLD of Notre Dame:

A sixth let Coach Brey know this morning that he has chosen to bring his talents to South Bend -- once the University makes it official, we'll announce it here.

NY Giants Working Jarron Jones at Left Tackle

Former Notre Dame defensive tackle Jarron Jones -- a free-agent with the NY Giants was "cross-trained" at offensive tackle this week...


Notre Dame Adds Transfer from Naval Academy

His name is Alohi Gilman -- and he "left a mark" on Notre Dame football this past season...

Gilman made a game high 12 tackles in Navy's 28 - 27 win over our Irish.

Here's hoping he leaves a mark on a Trojan, Wolverine and Cardinal in the coming years!