Wednesday, July 24, 2019

OT: Jaguars' CB Sending a $$$ Message...


Domer Leads Team USA to Historic Win!

Our former Notre Dame colleague Gerek Meinhardt -- led TEAM USA yesterday to its first World Championship in Foil!  The three-time Olympian and former Notre Dame All-American, won the key matches to clinch the title for America!!!

Photo above:  That's Gerek third from left.


"Most Anticipated Home Game of the Decade"

This is what Notre Dame Football -- being on Georgia's home schedule -- means to the folks in Athens...


The New "Indoor" Home of Notre Dame Football

The Fighting Irish had their first workout inside their new indoor practice facility...

ESPN's College Football's 150 Years...

CFB 150: Trailer from ESPNFrontRow on Vimeo.

This football season marks the 150th anniversary of college football in America.