Thursday, December 2, 2021

What Must Happen for Notre Dame Saturday...

Here's my "two cents" as it relates to the most favorable outcomes in Saturday's Conference Championship games involving top ranked teams:


NOON ET Kick-off:  Oklahoma State (+5.5 pts) vs. Baylor (on ABC)

  • Notre Dame will hope that Baylor finds a way to beat the Cowboys
    • If they do -- Notre Dame moves up to #5 in rankings


4:00 PM ET Kick-off:  Georgia (+6.5 pts) vs. Alabama (on CBS)

  • Notre Dame will hope that Georgia beats Bama by 14+ points
    • If the game is closer than that, I fear Bama stays in top 4 -- though they have no business doing so with their very difficult wins over some average teams these last few weeks
      • Georgia's average margin of victory this season:  32.4 points
    • If Bama gets walloped -- Notre Dame moves up in the rankings 


4:00 PM ET Kick-off:  Cincinnati (+10.5 pts) vs. Houston (on ABC)

  • Notre Dame needs Houston to beat Cincinnati -- but not by much
    • If Cincinnati loses -- Notre Dame moves up in the rankings


8:00 PM ET Kick-off:  Michigan (+10.5 pts) vs. Iowa (on FOX)

  • Notre Dame needs Iowa to beat Michigan
    • This would more than likely be the biggest upset of the day


So, here is our best route to the College Football Playoffs:

  1. Decisive win for Georgia over Alabama -- this is a must
    • Get Bama out of top 4 in final poll
  2. And, then we just need one upset in the next three games
    • Bettors believe the closest game will be Baylor vs. Oklahoma State
  3. If this happens -- we have a GREAT shot of making the CFB Playoffs