Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DeShone Kizer Interview with Jac Collinsworth

Full Game Replay: Notre Dame 42 - Pitt 30

Here's a link to ABC's coverage of Notre Dame vs. Pitt...

LINK:  2015 GAME: ND 42 - PITT 30

My Son -- Trying Out for the Iowa Barnstormers!

He's 6'-4" and weighs a "hundred and nothin'..." -- but Jimmy Small '08, AKA "Jimmy Football" is going to be at this Saturday's Iowa Barnstormers open tryouts -- looking to earn a roster spot on their Indoor Football League team.

Now, trust me -- this former member of Notre Dame's Irish Guard has as much chance as a guy named RUDY of making a football team -- let alone the Barnstormers...


You can see -- Jimmy (he's the President of NASCAR's Iowa Speedway) -- and the Iowa Barnstormers are having some fun with this!

Could their be a "Jimmy Football"  ESPN 30 for 30 film in the works?  



Monday, November 9, 2015

Wake Forest Week: WF Head Coach Talks Loss

Wake Forest is coming off of a bye week -- this is Head Coach Dave Clawson talking about their 20 - 19 loss to Louisville last week.

This is Clawson's second season at Wake Forest -- he previously was the head football coach at Bowling Green (2008 - 2013).

He is quite frank about his football team...

The Media Picks Their "Top 4" in CFB Playoff

Took a lap around the worldwide web this evening to see who is forecasting what in light of the College Football Playoff Committee's upcoming Tuesday release of their latest rankings.

Here's what I could find:






Pitt's Narduzzi Talks One Last Time About ND

Latest Look at Fenway Park Transformation

Here's what the "infield" looks like at Fenway Park as they make the transformation from baseball to football for the first time since 1968 -- when Notre Dame takes on Boston College -- Saturday, November 21st.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Josh Adams 1 Yard Short of Notre Dame Record

Will Fuller Now #2 All-Time at ND in TD Catches!

CFB Playoff: The Top 10 With Wins Saturday

Here's a look at the CFB Playoff Top Ten teams who won games yesterday -- and how many FBS teams and "non-Power 5" schools that are on their respective schedules this season.

Remember this when you hear stories these next few weeks about Notre Dame not playing a "thirteenth" game this season:

1.  Clemson: 10 FBS / Wofford, Appalachian State, #5Notre Dame
3.  Ohio State:  12 FBS / Hawaii, Northern Illinois, Western Michigan
4.  Alabama:  10 FBS / Middle Tennessee State, Louisiana-Monroe, Charleston Southern
5.  Notre Dame: 12 FBS / UMass, #21 Temple, #23 Navy
6.  Baylor: 11 FBS / Lamar, SMU, Rice
9.  Iowa: 11 FBS / Illinois State, North Texas
10.  Florida:  12 FBS / New Mexico State, East Carolina, Florida Atlantic

Here's how many teams that the Big 12's Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State played in the first nine weeks (prior to yesterday) with a winning record:
  • TCU:  ZERO
  • OKLAHOMA:  TWO (Tennessee & Tulsa both are 5 - 4 on the season)

The photo above shows Alabama scoring a TD against Middle Tennessee State earlier this season...

The Big 12's Scheduling -- Just The FACTS!

Folks -- this will blow your mind -- the four teams in the BIG 12 that are currently ranked in the top 20 in the College Football Playoff (Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma) -- came into this weekend having played 32 games...

Only 2 of those 32 games have been played against a team with a winning record this season -- TWO!  Oklahoma has played Tennessee and Tulsa -- both teams are 5 - 4 on the season.

How can you call a win over Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma -- a quality win, when they haven't played anyone?

Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma State had ZERO wins against teams with winning records 24 hours ago...  How can that be in November? 

How can you rank any of them over Notre Dame who has played FIVE STRAIGHT GAMES over teams who have been ranked at some point in the TOP 25 this season?

You can't -- if you do your homework. 

Oklahoma State vs. Notre Dame -- Playoff Rank

I saw on Twitter this AM that Kirk Herbstreit has Oklahoma State jumping from #14 all the way up to #4 (surpassing Notre Dame) -- after their win over undefeated TCU and LSU's loss to Alabama last night.

I don't think Mr. Herbstreit has taken the time to do his homework -- I have...

Yes, Oklahoma State is undefeated -- but there is a reason the College Football Playoff Committee had them ranked so low this week at #14 -- here's why:
  • TCU is the first "Power Five" conference team Oklahoma State has played this season with a winning record -- ND has played five so far this season
  • The opponents Oklahoma State has beaten -- going into last night's game -- are 28 - 43 on the season -- ND's opponents over same span:  42 - 30
  • Oklahoma State beat a 3 - 5 Kansas State team on a last minute field goal -- at home
  • Oklahoma State beat a 4 - 5 Texas team on a last minute botched punt snap and then a last second field goal -- ND beat Texas 38 - 3.
  • Oklahoma State beat a 4 - 4 West Virginia team in OT
And, their perceived "big win" over TCU yesterday -- was against a team who had not played a team with a winning record this season.  Think about that!  

TCU's wins -- leading into yesterday's game against Oklahoma State -- were against teams with a combined record of 27 - 44.

Is TCU really a big win for Oklahoma State?

Bottom line:  We need to win our next three games -- nothing else matters -- until then.