Saturday, December 31, 2011

ND Hockey on VERSUS Today at 7 PM ET

Jeff Jackson's Fighting Irish will be in action this New Year's Eve at 7:05 PM ET on the VERSUS channel.  The #5 ranked Irish will be taking on the #9 ranked Boston University Terriers.  After the game, VERSUS will air "ONWARD TO VICTORY" an hour long show produced by the gang at UND.COM.  Here's a link to the ONWARD TO VICTORY trailer...


Photo of the Day: "Tee, Dee & ND"

Here's the two cousins from northern California who have had the recruiting world "buzzing" the past couple of weeks.  Both are playing in the Semper Fidelis Bowl. Tee Shepard #2 and Deontay Greenberry #1.  These two will look good in their NOTRE DAME GOLD HELMETS next fall!

Muffet's Irish Put 128 Pts. on Mercer Last Night!

The #3 ranked Fighting Irish had a RECORD SETTING night in Atlanta against Mercer -- scoring 128 points! It was the first appearance for one of Muffet's teams in 15 years in the state of Georgia.  I'm guessing they might not want to wait so long next time!  Here are the records the Irish set last night:
  • Most points in the first half:  72 points  (Irish led 72 - 30 at half)
  • Most points in a game:  128 points  (previous record was 113) 
  • Most points in one half:  72 points 
  • Largest margin of victory:  86 points
  • Highest Field Goal Percentage:  70.2%  (tied the previous record)
  • Most free throws made:  43
  • Most free throws attempted:  52

Note:  The 128 points is the 17th most scored in one game ALL-TIME in NCAA history.  The 72 points scored in the first half are the 8th most scored ALL-TIME in NCAA history.  It's the most points scored in a game this season in women's college basketball.


A Look Back @ Notre Dame's 169th Year...

The University of Notre Dame released their 2011: Year In Review, last night.  The report looks back at the previous 364 days of 2011 and a number of the accomplishments of the Notre Dame students, alumni, faculty and staff.  Just click on the link below to see the report: