Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Tale of Two Florida Bowls -- Take the Test!

Over the course of seven days in central Florida -- four college football teams will play bowl games in a stadium in Orlando and a stadium in Tampa.  Here's a quick analysis of the two bowl games:
  • The game in Orlando pays out $2.25 million per team
  • The game in Tampa pays out $3.5 million per team

    • The game in Orlando features two teams who have lost a total of eight games this season
    • The game in Tampa features two teams who played in their respective Conference Championship game

      • The game in Orlando features two teams not ranked in the final Top 25 BCS Poll
      • The game in Tampa features two teams who are ranked #16 and #17 in the final BCS Poll

        • The game in Orlando had never been sold out in its previous 21 bowl games
        • The game in Tampa has sold out multiple times in its previous 25 bowl games

          • The game in Orlando is played in a stadium that has 72,000 seats
          • The game in Tampa is played in a stadium that has 65,000 seats

              TIME TO TAKE THE TEST!

              Question:  Which bowl game is sold out?

              Answer:  The Champs Sports Bowl game played in Orlando matching the Seminoles of Florida State vs. the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.  This is Notre Dame's first appearance in the Champs Sports Bowl -- the GAME SOLD OUT -- FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER -- IN THREE DAYS!

              Notes:  The Outback Bowl game in Tampa pits the SEC's Georgia Bulldogs vs. the Big Ten's Michigan State Spartans.  MSU has sold less than half of its tickets -- and it doesn't look good for them selling many more!  See the story:


              Senior Parents' Video -- Notre Dame Football

              If you're prone to crying easily -- you may just want to grab the Kleenex right now!  This video, produced by the folks at the NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL VIDEO DEPARTMENT, is a wonderful testament to what it means to wear the GOLD HELMET from the parents' perspective.  This is very well done and a MUST SEE VIDEO!


              The Smack Talk Begins -- Champs Sports Bowl

              Florida State University players have already begun "talkin" about how they're going to blowout the Irish on December 29th in Orlando.  Here's video proof!

              LINK:  FSU -- TALKIN' SMACK

              The Brian Kelly Radio Show Tonight @ 7 PM ET

              University of Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly will be hosting his final radio show of the season TONIGHT at Legends.  Rumor has it he'll have a SPECIAL GUEST!  The fun begins at 7 PM ET -- and you can watch it here LIVE: