Friday, October 1, 2010

An Independent "Consortium" for Football

Here's an idea I'd like to float by the Athletic Directors of the following eight schools:  Notre Dame, Texas, Oklahoma, USC, BYU, Miami, Navy and Army -- and the top executives at NBC and Fox.  FYI:  We launch this in 2015:

The creation of the Consortium of Football Independents (CFI) -- a group of eight college football programs (all independent) that cover each time zone and every top high school recruiting hotbed in the country.  The aforementioned eight schools would have an "allegiance" that would call for the following:

  1. They would agree to schedule each other -- on a home and home basis -- every year.
  2. They would agree to negotiate their own individual TV contracts with either NBC or FOX -- keeping 100 % of their own revenue.
  3. They would all agree to schedule a "13th" game each year  -- a CFI Championship Weekend -- a three day celebration of college football where all eight teams would play.  On Friday night, the #8 and #7 ranked teams in the CFI would play each other.  On Saturday at 1 PM, the #6 and #5 ranked teams would play each other.  At 8 PM the #4 and #3 ranked teams would play each other and then on Sunday evening, the CFI Championship game would pit the #2 and #1 ranked teams.  
  4. The revenue generated from the CFI Championship Weekend would be the only revenue the eight schools would ever share in this consortium.  This would become the greatest single collection of games ever in the same city, same facility -- over a 48 hour period -- in the history of sport in America!  Imagine the "rights fees" the CFI could generate from the host city and NBC/FOX.  It would be a bigger "get" than the SUPER BOWL or FINAL FOUR for any US town!
  5. Now, if the NCAA wouldn't allow all eight teams to play a 13th game then I'd ask each of the eight schools to play their "rivalry" game on Thanksgiving Weekend -- in the same town, same facility and over the same three day schedule.  (See the proposed "rivalry" game schedule below)  Please note:  The Texas/Oklahoma and ND/USC games would rotate each year from Saturday night to Sunday night if we weren't playing a 13th game.  In this scenario - each of the teams would keep the revenue generated from their specific game -- negotiating their own revenue share with their opponent -- and there would be a revenue share amongst all eight schools on any "over arching" deals that might be packaged for the four game weekend.
  6. The CFI would also negotiate an automatic berth in the BCS for the winner (or highest ranked team) and would also secure Bowl deals with the following bowls:  Gator, Cotton, Capital One and Hawaii.
  7. Each of the eight teams would keep "100%" of the revenue they generate from earning a spot in a bowl game.
  8. The CFI would also establish their own officiating crews -- to handle their games.
Can you imagine a football weekend with the following games in the same city, same facility, same weekend?:
  • Friday night at 8PM -- Army vs. Navy
  • Saturday at 1 PM -- Miami vs. BYU
  • Saturday at 8 PM -- Oklahoma vs. Texas
  • Sunday at 8 PM -- Notre Dame vs. USC
The bottom line here is this -- overnight the CFI would become the most powerful voice in college football.

What do you guys think?  All I ask for is 1% of the profits!

A Father and His Son -- The Kelly's

Brian Kelly's Dad -- Paul Kelly sat down for an interview with The Boston Globe this week to talk about his son's rise to the pinnacle of college coaching -- Head Football Coach at the University of Notre Dame.  You'll enjoy the story about the two of them in the Tunnel before Brian's first game in Notre Dame Stadium.  Here's a link:


A Family Divided: The Gallup Family

Barry Gallup is a fifth-year senior football player at the University of Notre Dame.  Barry's dad, Barry Sr. -- is the long-time Associate Athletic Director Football Operations at Boston College  Tomorrow's game will be the last time the Irish and Eagles will play each other with the "family-divided."  Here's a link to a story WNDU-TV aired this week on the Gallup's:


PHOTO OF THE DAY: Football Team Charter

Jake Golic, a tight end on the Notre Dame Football team -- just "tweeted" this photo of the team's charter plane to Boston.  Obviously, the team is just now boarding this Delta plane in South Bend.  Got to love the Notre Dame flags flying from the flag poles!

Did ND Fans Catch a Break?

Just saw a promotion on ESPN this morning (during the Ryder Cup delay) that said the Stanford vs. Oregon game and the Notre Dame vs. Boston College game would be on ABC and ESPN2.  When you see this -- it typically means if you're not getting the game on ABC you'll find it on ESPN2.  Now, when I go to the ESPN site and look at their TV schedule for tomorrow's games I only see the Stanford vs. Oregon game being on both networks.  Let's hope ESPN doesn't "stick it" to ND fans and force them to buy a GamePlan package to see the Irish play tomorrow night.  Here's a link to the ESPN TV schedule I'm talking about:


Notre Dame Athletics Annual Report

The University of Notre Dame's Athletic Department released it's annual report for the 2009-2010 school year yesterday.  Here's a link to where you can view the report online:


Coach Kelly's Press Conference Last Night

Notre Dame Head Football Coach, Brian Kelly met with the media after yesterday's practice -- for the last time prior to the Boston College game tomorrow night.  Here's a link to's coverage:


Options to Watch the Irish on Saturday

If you've checked out the TV coverage map for the Notre Dame vs. Boston College game on ABC tomorrow night (CLICK HERE) you would have noted that 53% of the households in America won't see the game.  If you live in one of those areas -- blue on this map -- you still have options!  ESPN3 is ESPN's online network which would allow you to watch the game on your computer -- IF, your internet provider is a subscriber to this service.  Here's a list of the ESPN3 Participating Providers.  If you'd rather watch the game on TV, your option would be to subscribe to ESPN GamePlan.  If you don't have a GamePlan subscription you'll need to buy at least a $24 "weekly" subscription.  Here's a link to more information on ESPN GamePlan -- specifically, a list of phone numbers to the various cable services to place your order: