Sunday, August 15, 2010

Off Topic: PGA's Two Stroke Penalty

If you were watching the PGA Championship, from Whistling Straits, in the past hour -- you were witness to one of the most difficult rulings in major championship history. Dustin Johnson was leading the PGA Championship on the 18th tee. His tee shot was "blocked" way to the right into the gallery. His ball ended up on "sandy, flat" lie in a sea of people (photo of where his ball ended up in the gallery). His third shot went left of the pin into what I'll call a shaggy ditch. Remarkably, Johnson hit a great pitch shot to about eight feet from the pin. All he has to do is make the putt and he's won the PGA Championship. Well, he misses the putt -- putting him into a three man playoff -- so he thinks and we all think. Unfortunately, a PGA Rules Official was waiting for Johnson at the side of the green -- asking him if he "grounded his club in the bunker back there?" Dustin didn't know he was in a trap, nor did any of the "talking heads at CBS." History now knows that he was in a bunker and he did ground his club -- a two stroke penalty. Which, took him from tied for first and into a playoff -- to a tie for fifth place and a long ride home. What a shame. Can you imagine if he had made the putt -- thinking he had won a Major Championship!!!??? The PGA of America needs to review the rules concerning bunkers at Whistling Straits for future tournaments. My belief is if you allow spectators to stand and walk through bunkers -- which they did all week -- the players should be allowed to ground their clubs in them. When have you ever seen a PGA tour player hit a shot from a bunker full of spectators? Think about it... Here's an interview with Dustin Johnson and Mark Wilson -- the PGA Rules Official who made the call:


A Look at the ND Depth Chart

South Bend Tribune Notre Dame Football beatwriter, Eric Hansen, took a look at the depth chart at each position after yesterday's first scrimmage of fall camp. Coach Kelly was quite enthusiastic after yesterday's practice -- giving plenty to hope about for Notre Dame fans! Here's a link to the South Bend Tribune story:


Manti's Notre Dame Mission

University of Notre Dame linebacker, Manti Teo, spent this past Sunday with a writer from the Chicago Tribune -- the result is an article that provides unique insight to how this young man operates. He's a special talent -- on and off the field. Click on the link below: