Monday, May 3, 2010

Let's Help This ND Grad Secure a Pepsi Grant!

Notre Dame grad, Hy Pham '09, is in Medical School outside of Pittsburgh and he's developed a community service project that will teach kids in the Pittsburgh area how to stay healthy. To fund this effort, he's applied to Pepsi - they're giving away grants each month to worthy projects. Part of the Pepsi process is a contest -- and the ten best ideas (most votes at the end of the month) secure funding for their project. Here's the note Pham sent to Cappy Gagnon, ND Class of '66:

"I am writing to you today to ask for a favor. One of my classmates and I have been working on a community service project and we are trying to help secure funding for it. Our biggest potential source of funding could be from PEPSI. They're actually giving away grants each month, but to acquire one, we there's a contest that requires us to get votes from people across the nation. The way it works is that the top ten ideas at each grant level by the end of the month will win these grants.

What I am asking is if you could vote for us and if there's any chance for you to pass along the message to those you know. People may have to register an account through the pepsi website so that may take a minute or two, but after that, voting should only take a second by clicking on a link. The rules allow you to vote for an idea once each day, but you can vote for that idea everyday until the end of the month on May 31st.

For more details on our project, you can go to our own website or you can visit the page that PEPSI has reserved for us. You will have access to vote in either places, but yes, the direct link for registering and voting on the pepsi website is:

In a short summary, what I am trying to do is to create an educational program teaching young kids (ages 8-11) how to be and stay healthy, and our curriculum is going to be structured like a "mini-medical school for kids". Through our interaction, we hope to share valuable science and health knowledge as well as to pass along our passion for learning. We will also make sure to do our best to express the importance of having a positive attitude, goals, and dreams, and in doing so, to also empower and inspire the kids to live well-balanced, healthy lives. Speaking on our behalf, we truly do want to make a lasting, positive impact on kids and the community, and with your help and funding from PEPSI, I know we can."

Here's the link to the Pepsi site - please visit today and help out Hy Pham and his efforts to help kids in the Pittsburgh community!


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