Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clausen Attends "Gruden's QB Camp"

Folks, if you have three minutes, this is worth the look. Jimmy Clausen was one of four QB's that ESPN set up with Jon Gruden to spend a day with him and talk about playing the QB position in the NFL. Gruden, now an Analyst on Monday Night Football, led the Tampa Bay Buccanneers to a victory in Super Bowl XXXVII. A huge fan of Notre Dame, Gruden was generally regarded as one the top developers of QB's in the NFL. Jim, his Dad, was on Dan Devine's coaching staff at ND when Jon was student at South Bend's Clay High School. The other QB's Gruden met with were; Tebow, McCoy and Bradford. Here's a link to the video -- watch it!


ND Valedictorian deftly handles MSNBC "hack"

I'm very proud today of Katie Washington, Notre Dame's Class of 2010 Valedictorian. Katie, who just happens to be the first African American Valedictorian at Notre Dame -- is a 'WORLD CLASS' representative of her family and our Lady's University. Yesterday, MSNBC interviewed Katie in front of the Golden Dome -- and after about 30 seconds of "you must be excited..." -- they go for the "lack of minorities question" at Notre Dame. It was very obvious that MSNBC was looking to create a "news story" out of Katie's moment. As you'll see in the video (link below), Katie didn't take the bait. Shame on MSNBC and that reporter. Unfortunately, our media has turned to the news creation business, not the news reporting business. Katie, that MSNBC reporter could learn a thing or two from you!