Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Floyd Running With the "ONES" in Arizona!

Never thought I'd have to write a headline like this...

Former Notre Dame All-American Michael Floyd. who didn't have the greatest of rookie seasons -- appears to be turning the corner on his NFL career.

Here's the story!


Manti Te'o Meets With the NFL Media Today

He's been shielded from the media for a few weeks now -- but, they got their ACCESS today as the San Diego Chargers' Manti Te'o held a press conference.


Vegas Has Notre Dame Favored in 10 of 12

One game is a "pick-em" -- that's Notre Dame's game at Michigan and the only team favored over the IRISH this season is Stanford and they're a 5.5 pt. favorite.  Here are the Vegas point spreads for Notre Dame Football:
  • Temple at NOTRE DAME -- Irish are a 24 pt. favorite
  • NOTRE DAME at Michigan -- Pick-em -- no favorite
  • NOTRE DAME at Purdue -- Irish are a 14 pt. favorite
  • Michigan State at NOTRE DAME -- Irish are a 6 pt. favorite
  • Oklahoma at NOTRE DAME -- Irish are a 2 pt. favorite
  • Arizona at NOTRE DAME (Cowboys Stadium) -- Irish are a 4 pt. favorite
  • USC at NOTRE DAME -- Irish are a 5 pt. favorite
  • NOTRE DAME at Air Force -- Irish are a 18 pt. favorite
  • Navy at NOTRE DAME -- Irish are a 18 pt. favorite
  • NOTRE DAME at Pittsburgh -- Irish are a 10.5 pt. favorite
  • BYU at NOTRE DAME -- Irish are a 11 pt. favorite
  • NOTRE DAME at Stanford -- Stanford is a 5.5 pt. favorite

Coach Kelly @ Patriots Mini-Camp Today

Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly struck up a relationship with New England Patriots' Bill Belichick this past February at the AT&T National Pro-Am at Pebble Beach -- they had never met before playing golf together for three days...

Well, that relationship led to Coach Belichick speaking at the Notre Dame Football Coaches Clinic in April and Coach Kelly visiting the Patriot's Mini-Camp today in Foxboro, MA.  Here's the story: