Thursday, May 30, 2013

Former Notre Dame Spokesman Passes

I never had the honor of meeting Dick Conklin...  Yet, I stare everyday at this quote that hangs in my office at Notre Dame:

"Notre Dame is a place nurtured by myth.  It really cannot be encompassed by the mind alone; much of its meaning is intuited.  It is a place sustained by taking seriously the impoderables.  And at the core of its culture is a belief in the transcendent, that the ultimate meaning of life is found just beyond where reason can take us.

But when Notre Dame people gather, they do not talk about their alma mater's transcendency any more than swimmers converse about water's buoyancy.  Notre Dame people tell stories."

-Dick Conklin '59, Associate Vice President for University Relations

The long-time spokesman for the University of Notre Dame, died yesterday at the age of 77.