Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Adidas Updates Notre Dame Football Jersey

Notre Dame Football Equipment Manager Ryan Grooms "tweeted" this photo today of the improvements Adidas has made to the ND MONOGRAM on the sleeves of the football jerseys. 

Clue #4: ND's Shamrock Series Uniform

I think I've got this one -- looks like this "swatch" is the front "yoke" of the jersey -- with the word IRISH centered above a number, in a GOLD shiny material, outlined in white on a blue colored jersey...  (top photo).  The jersey, developed by Adidas for Notre Dame's Shamrock Series game against Miami, will be revealed on Thursday this week!

Two Special Days for Notre Dame Football

On Saturday, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame headed to Diamond Lake for a day of fun, sun, golf, water, food and laughs.  You'll enjoy the video.  And, yesterday -- the IRISH held their annual Faculty/Staff Appreciation practice.  It's a nice event for the on-campus community.



Clue #3: ND's Shamrock Series Uniform!

I have to admit, I'm totally confused now...  This is "swatch" #3 (on top) of Adidas' reveal of Notre Dame's Shamrock Series uniform.