Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photo of the Day: Who Said Bald Is Beautiful?

Didn't see this photo...  I couldn't pass this up!

The MAN in this photo is none other than Notre Dame alum, Timothy O'Connor,  AKA "OAK" -- who agreed to shave his head this week to raise money for childhood cancer research.  Thanks Timmy!

For those of you who don't know -- Timmy is the creative genius behind much of the packaging of the great digital work coming out of the Fighting Irish Digital Media team.  You'll see his handy work along with Eric Runyon and Philip Zastrow in the website linked below concerning the 125th Anniversary of Notre Dame Football:


THE SHIRT: Tomorrow the World Will Know

It's the #1 selling item on any college campus in the world.  This T-SHIRT TRADITION started in 1990 and it's never looked back.

I'll never forget a call we received from our oldest son Jimmy five years ago this month "Dad, I'm on The Shirt!"  The Shirt 2007 -- carried for the first time ever -- photos of actual Notre Dame students inside the Notre Dame Monogram.  Jimmy, an Irish Guardsman's photo is the first you see on the bottom left of the Monogram (see below).  They "only" sold 135,000 shirts that year.

What's cool today is we still see people wearing The Shirt 2007 -- reminding us of that special moment for our son and our family...

Tomorrow afternoon at 3 PM ET -- THE SHIRT 2012 will be unveiled to a LIVE TV audience, the Band of the Fighting Irish, Glee Club, Coach Brian Kelly and other dignitaries.  ONLY NOTRE DAME.

Here's a link to a video of the 2010 unveiling of THE SHIRT:


ND Football's "Patio Appreciation Party"

The Notre Dame football program hosted women, from all over campus yesterday. at a THANK YOU event on the patio outside of Coach Kelly's office.  Enjoy!


ND Coach Elliott Featured in ESPN Story Today

I learned today that Notre Dame's safeties coach Bob Elliott's life was threatened in the late 90's with a rare blood disorder.  The more and more I read about Coach Elliott -- the more I'm impressed with this Coach Kelly hire.

See for yourself!


A Tribute to "Uncle Blair" This Saturday...

Notre Dame freshman QB Gunner Kiel will wear the #5 his Uncle Blair Kiel wore as a four-year starter for the IRISH -- this Saturday in the 83rd Annual Blue Gold Game at Notre Dame Stadium.

Gunner was assigned uniform #1 this spring -- but, in honor of Uncle Blair (who died a couple of weeks ago) Kiel will run out onto Notre Dame Stadium for the first time in a GOLD HELMET wearing the number five.  A nice tribute to the Kiel family.

Great Notre Dame Stories: Launched Today!

Notre Dame football fans -- you're going to want to click on the link below.  The gang at Fighting Irish Digital Media started their journey (THIS AFTERNOON) to tell 125 great stories -- as part of their 125th Anniversary of Notre Dame Football celebration.

If you click on the link below you'll see three stories -- the first is a story about how and why Notre Dame made the decision to begin flying the football team around the country.  The second story is about the "first game of the century" -- the 1935 game between Notre Dame and Ohio State.  And, the third story is about Notre Dame's upset of then undefeated and #1 ranked Pitt Panthers in 1982.

The fun starts at the link below: