Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Hourly Investment to Attend Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame recently announced a 3.8% tuition rate increase for the upcoming academic year -- taking tuition to $42,971.  Add in room & board plus books and the projected investment to attend Notre Dame next year is:  $55,855.

Now, if you factor into the equation that students are on campus for 107 days per semester -- 214 for the full academic year -- the per hour investment to attend the University of Notre Dame is:


This compares to schools like the University of Michigan - which run around $6 an hour...

Seven In a Row! Irish Beat Rutgers 71 - 53

The Fighting Irish men's basketball team is proving to the basketball world that you don't need "McDonald's All-Americans" on your roster to play winning basketball!

During the game ESPNU put up a few statistics I was unaware of:

  • Notre Dame has the fewest turnovers per game in the Big East
  • Notre Dame has the "fifth" fewest turnovers per game in the nation
  • And, Notre Dame has MADE more free throws this season then their opponents have taken

These are impressive stats!  Here's a couple of links to UND.COM's post game coverage along with ESPN's: