Friday, November 11, 2011

Always Wondered When ND Would Market This!

The University of Notre Dame and Adidas put together The Notre Dame Pack -- you'll see more information about this package in a story posted yesterday --  to celebrate tomorrow's game between the Irish and the Maryland Terrapins.  In the package was an OUNCE OF GOLD LEAF from the University of Notre Dame's Main Building (AKA -- THE GOLDEN DOME).

It's the very first time I've ever seen Notre Dame attempt to market the gold from the Dome -- the picture above is how they've packaged the gold dust taken from the Dome...

ND Football Gloves for Shamrock Series Game!

Paul Lukas at the Uni-Watch Blog received a present yesterday -- that has me quite envious!!!  Lukas (that's him in the picture showing off the gloves Notre Dame players will wear Saturday night against Maryland) wrote a story about his big surprise.  You'll enjoy this!


Notre Dame's Shamrock Series Game Look!

Notre Dame football fans, here's what the Irish players will be wearing Saturday night "under the lights" at FedEx Field in their game with Maryland.  I can see why the Notre Dame players are excited about this uniform, helmet combination.   

After seeing this illustration -- I'm on board with the Notre Dame helmet facemask being a darker green color than the shamrock on the helmet.  The facemask matches the uniform jersey color...