Monday, October 31, 2011

Smallest Crowd To See Irish In Last 400 Games!

This will be the case this Saturday night at 8 PM ET when the Fighting Irish make the trip to Winston-Salem, NC to play the Deamon Deacons of Wake Forest in their 31,000 seat stadium.  The last time the Irish played in front of a smaller crowd was in November of 1975 when the Miami Hurricanes only drew 24,944 game to the Orange Bowl in a game the Irish won 32 - 9.

So, I figure one or more of these three scenarios played out putting Wake Forest on our schedule:
  1. The Irish had an opponent drop from the schedule in the last couple of years and the Irish had a tough time finding a team to play this specific Saturday.
  2. The ACC, as part of a Bowl arrangement with the Big East -- negotiated a few football games against the Irish for their member schools.
  3. And, Wake Forest agreed to pay Notre Dame between $800,000 to $1,000,000 to make the trip to North Carolina to play a game.
I went on a couple of the ticket sites this evening to see what tickets are going for -- thinking they would be close to $500 or more -- since there's very few seats and the Irish are in town...  Well, I was wrong -- you can buy tickets all day long for under $140 for this game.