Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rocket Relives His Two TD Returns @ Michigan

You just got to love Rocket Ismail -- Notre Dame needs to hire him...  He sure can tell a story.


Notre Dame's Path to #1 All-Time Winning %

Folks, with little to do on a non-ND football weekend, I thought I'd work on a "math problem" for our Irish.  As many of you may know, our football team's woes over the past twenty seasons has dropped us behind that school in Ann Arbor in "ALL-TIME WINNING PERCENTAGE."

We can reclaim that title this season!  Here's how we get that done:

Current All-Time Winning Percentage as of October 16, 2011:
  1. Michigan:  .73522%
  2. NOTRE DAME:  .73232%

Now, here's what we need to happen yet this season.  Michigan needs to lose 4 of their next 5 games.  Here's how that happens:
  • Purdue at Michigan -- Michigan wins
  • Michigan at Iowa -- Iowa wins
  • Michigan at Illinois -- Illinois wins
  • Nebraska at Michigan -- Nebraska wins
  • Ohio State at Michigan -- Ohio State wins

And, the Irish win all of their last six games!

Here's what the All-Time Winning % will look like at the end of the 2011 regular season:
  1. NOTRE DAME:  .73367%
  2. Michigan:  .73306%