Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Thank You to ND's Media Relations Dept.!

I've truly grown tired of hearing the media call someone a "redshirt freshman" or a "fifth year senior -- when describing one's eligibility status as a student-athlete.  At Notre Dame, the so called "fifth year seniors" are typically graduates of Notre Dame who have enrolled in grad school or law school.

The University of Notre Dame gets little to zero credit -- from the talking heads in the media -- for the fact that their so called "fifth year seniors" are actually college graduates taking grad or law school classes.

Notre Dame graduates its student-athletes in four years -- not five, six or never!

We've all seen the stories where a Notre Dame student-athlete is labeled as having "left school early" -- when they actually already graduated in four years and decided not to play their fifth year to pursue a career in the pro ranks.  The media "assumes" they left school early since you can't graduate on time if you're a Division I athlete -- because that's the case at most schools not called Notre Dame. 

I had made a post on January 28th of this year -- with a suggestion as to how the ND Media Relations Department should "label" the CLASS / ELIGIBILITY of all of its student athletes on all rosters, media guides, websites, news releases, etc., at the University of Notre Dame:
  • Freshman (FR) -- are student athletes in their freshman academic year at Notre Dame
  • Sophomores (SO) -- are student athletes in their sophomore academic year at Notre Dame
  • Juniors (JR) -- are student athletes in their junior academic year at Notre Dame
  • Seniors (SR) -- are student athletes in their senior academic year at Notre Dame
  • Grad Student (GS) -- are student athletes who have already completed their undergraduate degree and are now in grad school or law school at Notre Dame and are playing out their five years of eligibility 

Well, wouldn't you know -- I noticed today that all of Notre Dame's 2011 "rosters" (SEE FOOTBALL ROSTER BELOW) now have all of the student-athletes who've graduated and are now in grad school -- listed as GS for grad students!!!

Here's a big THANK YOU to the University of Notre Dame's Media Relations team for taking the lead in setting the standard for proper recognition by all for the term "student-athlete!"  

The photo is of Notre Dame running back Robert Hughes who played four years for the Fighting Irish and graduated on time!  Hughes signed with the Chicago Bears this past week.


ND Kickoff Luncheon Tickets -- On Sale Now!

Every Friday at 11:30 AM on a Football Weekend at the University of Notre Dame -- thousands of fans gather at the Joyce Center's north dome for the ND Kickoff Luncheon.  It's the best way to kick-off a football weekend at Notre Dame -- and tickets went on sale this week.

Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly is always in attendance with a player or two -- and other special guests.  Here's a link to the order form for the luncheon tickets -- which go for $23 each.


Rocket Put His Money Where His Mouth -- WAS!

He has one of the greatest nicknames in college football history -- Raghib "Rocket" Ismail -- and it looks like he may have made a smart business investment!  For those of you who have followed Rocket's career since his CFL / NFL days -- you've probably learned that his athletic skills didn't translate too well in picking companies to invest in.

Looks like that's changed!

Rocket has invested in a company called BITE TECH.  They make "mouth guards" -- I can't believe I have two stories in one day on the ND GO IRISH BLOG about mouth guards!

Well, the folks at caught up with Rocket to talk with him about his latest venture and a potential career change you'll find quite surprising -- here's the link:


Sponsor a Notre Dame Band Uniform -- Today!

The Band of the Fighting Irish is involved in a campaign to "sponsor" a Notre Dame Band Uniform.  A number of the band uniforms have been in use for ten seasons and are "fading and fraying."  With a gift of $250 you can purchase a new uniform for the greatest college marching band in the land!

Our oldest son Jimmy '08 was an Irish Guard in The Band of the Fighting Irish for the 2006 and 2007 football seasons.  We made a $250 donation in his name today! 

Here's a link to how you can make this donation -- and a second link to a video of The Band of the Fighting Irish in action at Yankee Stadium this past season!



ND Football Involved in Concussion Testing

The University of Notre Dame football program along with Stanford and Washington will have a number of their football players (22 Irish student athletes to be exact) wearing a special mouth guard that will monitor the punishment they take in practice and in games.  Here's a link to the South Bend Tribune story.