Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Irish Wait For Their Opponent - Day 2 in NYC!

The folks at UND.COM have been working overtime these past couple of days in Manhattan.  Here's a few interviews that took place in the past 24 hours with all of the "award winners" for the Irish!  You'll enjoy this:


Choosing the "Stick" Over the "Scalpel"

Former University of Notre Dame hockey goalie, Jordan Pearce is playing these days for the Grand Rapids Griffins in the American Hockey League.  Pearce, a top-notch student at ND -- had his choice of professional hockey or Med School -- he chose the former, the latter can wait. 

Looks like it was a good decision for Jordan.   I won't be surprised if someday soon -- Detroit Red Wings fans will see him wearing the "red-wheeled wing!"  Here's a link to a wonderful story about Jordan's progress in pro hockey along with a link to a Grand Rapids Press story:



Graduation Success Rates -- Top 20 Teams

Here's the most current NCAA Graduation Success Rates (see definition below) for the teams in this week's TOP-TWENTY rankings for Men's College Basketball - as determined by the ESPN/USA Today/Coaches Poll.

You will note that three schools in the top-twenty have a "perfect" GSR; Notre Dame, Brigham Young and Utah State.   And, five schools have a GSR under 50; Texas, Florida, Arizona, Kentucky and UCONN.

Thought you would find this quite interesting -- since we know CBS and ESPN won't be talking about this over the next few weeks of their coverage of  "MARCH MADNESS."

I look forward to the day when the TV networks and news media begin placing a school's GSR  next to their football or basketball rankings -- when they publish their TOP TWENTY POLLS.   Or, why doesn't the NCAA force CBS and ESPN to put every team's GSR next to their SEEDING in the Tournament Bracket during their broadcast of "Selection Sunday?"  

FYI:  I'm not holding my breath!!!

Here is how the NCAA defines GSR:  Graduation rates are based on the IPEDS-GRS which is defined as a six-year proportion of those student-athletes who graduated versus those who entered an institution on institutional aid.  In addition to the student-athlete data in the graduation-rates data, the GSR accounts for student-athletes who transfer into an institution while discounting student-athletes who separate from the institution and would have been academically eligible to compete had they returned.

Here's the TOP-TWENTY Teams in Men's College Basketball with their GSR:

#1:  Ohio State:  64 GSR
#2:  Kansas:  80 GSR
#3:  Pittsburgh:  64 GSR
#4:  NOTRE DAME:  100 GSR
#5:  Duke:  83 GSR
#6:  San Diego State:  58 GSR
#7:  North Carolina:  88 GSR
#8:  Brigham Young:  100 GSR
#9:  Purdue:  67 GSR
#10:  Texas:  42 GSR
#11:  Syracuse:  54 GSR
#12:  Florida:  44 GSR
#13:  Wisconsin:  70 GSR
#14:  Louisville:  50 GSR
#15:  Arizona:  20 GSR
#16:  Kentucky:  44 GSR
#17:  Utah State:  100 GSR
#18:  St. John's:  70 GSR
#19:  Connecticut:  31 GSR
#20:  Xavier:  92 GSR