Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wall Street Journal -- Ranks Irish #3

Today's Wall Street Journal ranks the "star power" of the top football programs -- via Rivals ranking of football recruits out of high school. And, our Fighting Irish rank third in their "average star ranking" of its projected starters -- as compared to all of the BCS college football teams. I guess ol' Charlie Weis knew how to recruit! The photo is of Notre Dame's Class of 2012 -- taken at the Army All American game in San Antonio -- prior to their arrival at Notre Dame. Rudolph, Floyd, Crist, Flemming, Robinson, Filer, etc. were just a few of the high school All-Americans in this #1 ranked recruiting class in the country. Here's the story:


Touchdown Jesus?

I'm willing to wager that nine out of every ten Notre Dame fans do not know the actual name of the mural on the Hesburgh Library that faces Notre Dame Stadium (see photo). And, no -- it's not Touchdown Jesus! It's name: The Word of Life. The Word of Life mural is 134 feet high and 68 feet wide and adorns the south side of the Hesburgh Library. The artist who created "Touchdown Jesus" is Millard Sheets and his piece of art required 5,700 pieces of granite, from sixteen foreign countries, to make up all of the colors in the mural. Here's a wonderful video that gives you the history of "Touchdown Jesus." Just click on link: