Thursday, July 29, 2010

Notre Dame Couple Gives $5 Million!

James Parsons and Dr. Carrie Quinn, a married couple and Notre Dame graduates -- made a very generous $5 million gift to their alma mater this week. Parsons earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from Notre Dame and a master in business administration degree from Harvard University. He has been a portfolio manager for Viking Global Investors in New York since 2003. Quinn is a graduate of both Notre Dame and Tufts University Medical School. She completed her residency at Boston Children’s Hospital and now is a pediatrician in Forest Hills, N.Y. Parsons & Quinn's gift to the University of Notre Dame will endow a directorship in the University's Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases. Notre Dame is committed to finding a cure for rare diseases that typically carry a "death sentence" for those afflicted. A big THANK YOU to this Notre Dame family!!! Here's a link to a video that promotes Notre Dame's efforts in this area:


Theismann to Replace Haden

In six months, I've yet to make a prediction at THE NOTRE DAME GO IRISH BLOG -- but, I'm going to this time. Joe Theismann will replace Pat Haden in the NBC booth this fall for Notre Dame Football. There you go! It makes all of the sense in the world. He's worked the biggest "weekly" professional stage in football television; 'Monday Night Football, he's an accomplished athlete; Super Bowl Champion, NFL MVP and he just happens to be a "DOMER" who had great success at his alma mater; College Football Hall of Famer, All American QB and Heisman Runner-up. I think that just might make him ready for the "biggest weekly stage in college football television; "NOTRE DAME SATURDAY." Notre Dame needs someone in the booth to tell "our story" -- we need an individual who's passionate about the Irish -- yet, is confident enough to call it like it is when things aren't going so well for the blue and gold. Joe Theismann is that guy. NBC are you listening? Here's a link to story this week from USA Today's "media expert" on what he believes NBC should do -- along with a link to Theismann's Wikipedia entry: