Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coach Kelly Cares -- Football 101, THURSDAY!

Are you tired of your husband or boyfriend claiming to be the "know it all as it relates to Notre Dame Football?" Well, here's your chance to change that! This Thursday -- June 24th from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM -- the Notre Dame Football discussion will be for WOMEN ONLY! It's called Football 101 and it's an event being hosted by Coach Brian Kelly and his wife Paqui at Notre Dame Stadium benefiting Breast Cancer research. If you'd like to go, here are the rules -- you must be female, you must be at least 21 years old and you must register online. Here's a link to the registration site:


Dayne Crist Interview -- The Sporting News

Notre Dame QB Dayne Crist, recently sat down with a reporter from The Sporting News to talk about Fighting Irish Football. Here's a link to the story:


Coach Longo -- No Day at the Beach!

Notre Dame's Director of Football Strength & Conditioning, Paul Longo -- has already constructed his trademark "Longo Beach" on one of the practice fields at Notre Dame. It's an 80 yard long, ten feet wide stretch of beach sand that his players have the joy of running in. It's the precursor to a 30 yard sand hill, that will also be constructed on the ND campus for his boys to have more fun on! Every Notre Dame scholarship football player is now on campus (they all arrived on Sunday) and they're in the trusted care of Coach Longo for the next six weeks. Longo is given a great deal of credit for Coach Kelly's teams having a 42 - 1 record when leading a game going into the 4th quarter. Here's a revealing interview given to ESPN - that speaks to Coach Longo and his ways -- ENJOY!