Saturday, May 15, 2010

Notre Dame's Father Ted -- "Change I'd Make"

I was sitting in a hotel room this morning in Olean, NY -- our daughter is graduating from St. Bonaventure University tomorrow -- and the local Buffalo NBC TV affiliate aired an interview with Notre Dame's Father Hesburgh. Never one to shy away from taking on some of the more controversial issues of the day -- Father Ted discusses the change "he'd make before midnight" if he was the Pope. Click on the WNDU-TV interview below.


New Football Jerseys for Notre Dame?

The above photos of a Brian Kelly autographed Notre Dame Footbal jersey were taken at an "on-campus" raffle during Blue-Gold Weekend at Notre Dame. It's obviously not last year's jersey, nor any jersey we've ever seen worn before at Notre Dame. Are these the new football jerseys for Brian Kelly's Irish? The obvious changes; gone are the numbers on the sleeves - they have been replaced by the interlocking ND. I love that! You'll remember that Holtz made this design change to his team's uniforms. A second noticeable change is the interlocking ND behind the neck -- which appear a "little out of place" on this jersey since it looks like this jersey was designed to carry a nameplate. (Note the large space between the ND and the number) Will the Irish have names on their jerseys for the Purdue game? If they do, which I'm guessing they will -- I believe this will look pretty cool with the ND over top of the last name of the player, reminding them who they play for! The last change is the front neckline. Besides the prominent Adidas logo - ND Fans won't like this - you'll note the typical jersey neckline is replaced by more of a "plunging" design. Now, it's been rumored that the Irish will probably we wearing some type of "undershirt" as part of this uniform design and that this may carry a prominent ND or shamrock that will sit "above" the Adidas logo. THIS ALSO MEANS WE'LL HAVE TO BUY THE UNDERSHIRT TO HAVE THE FULL UNIFORM EXPERIENCE! Expect an official announcement from Notre Dame on the uniform in the next few weeks -- so they can begin selling them before the first game. All in all, I will love this uniform design -- if they add the player's last name. What do you think? That's the poll question this week -- "Would you like this jersey design for the Irish?