Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eleven Receive -- "All Internet Irish" Honors!

In honor of the eleven National Championships in Notre Dame's Football history -- eleven "web stars" of Notre Dame athletics were selected to receive the NOTRE DAME GO IRISH BLOG'S first annual "All Internet Irish" honors for 2010. They were awarded in the following categories: Subscription Sites, Free Web Sites, Blogs, Reporters, YouTube, Fan and Overall. Tomorrow, NOTRE DAME GO IRISH BLOG will announce its winners of the "All Internet Irish" award to a Notre Dame Athlete and a Notre Dame Coach. We're already scouting for the 2011 "All Internet Irish" award winners -- so bring your best game to the web! Next year we're going to add a Facebook and Twitter category, so get going! Here are the 2010 winners by category:

-Irish Sports Daily
-Irish Illustrated


-Her Loyal Sons
-Subway Domer

-Eric Hansen, South Bend Tribune
-Brian Hamilton, Chicago Tribune

-Jerry Kennedy, AKA "DAMEFAN"

-The Subway Alumni Show

Two ND Subscriber Sites -- "All Internet Irish"

The NOTRE DAME GO IRISH BLOG is honoring two of the many subscription based websites that follow Notre Dame athletics with "All Internet Irish" honors for 2010 -- they are; Irish Sports Daily and Irish Illustrated. Mike Frank and his team at Irish Sports Daily have attracted a subscriber base in excess of 10,000 avid ND fans -- in this ESPN partnered venture. The Irish Illustrated team is led by Publisher; Jack Freeman and Editor; Pete Sampson -- they have thousands of subscribers as well. Both sites provide daily reporting on ND Sports -- and keep all of us "crazy about recruiting information," begging for more. Their daily coverage of Notre Dame Football is "flat out" the best you will find on the web. I personally subscribe to both of these sites and encourage those who haven't yet -- to join me. Here's a link to the two subscription based ND sites who've earned "All Internet Irish" honors this year:



Three Free ND Sites Named -- "All Internet Irish"

Three websites developed by fans and for fans of Notre Dame athletics;, and have been awarded "All Internet Irish" honors for 2010 from NOTRE DAME GO IRISH BLOG. All three of these sites offer "free" forums for Notre Dame fans, from all over the world, to participate in. Now, the conversation may not always positive about ND -- but's it's definitely passionate! I encourage everyone to get involved with these sites and join the discussion about Notre Dame! Here are the links to these three "All Internet Irish" sites:

Two Writers Receive -- "All Internet Irish" Honors!

Two Notre Dame beat reporters; the Chicago Tribune's Brian Hamilton and the South Bend Tribune's Eric Hansen are being recognized for their fair (but not always friendly) coverage of the Fighting Irish via the web. Both have embraced technology; Hamilton and Hansen have active Twitter accounts, both are "blogging" about Notre Dame (Hamilton with the Chicago Breaking Sports blog and Hansen blogs with ESPN Chicago and South Bend Tribune) -- and can be found on their respective newspaper's websites. In addition, Hansen hosts a weekly podcast interview on the South Bend Tribune's website called SportsBeat and the GameDay SportsBeat show on WSBT-960 AM. It's the quality and quantity of reporting of these two Notre Dame beat writers -- on the web -- that has earned them the "ALL INTERNET IRISH" honors for Notre Dame Beat Reporters! Congratulations!



Two Blogs Receive "All Internet Irish" Honors!

Two Notre Dame blogs; Her Loyal Sons and Subway Domer each received "ALL INTERNET IRISH" honors today! They represent the first two bloggers to receive this "prestigious" award from the NOTRE DAME GO IRISH BLOG - for their excellent coverage and commentary on Notre Dame sports. If you haven't been to their respective sites or haven't been following them on Twitter -- you're missing out! Here's a link to each of their blogs. Congratulations!



14 ND Sports Teams Earn Academic Honors!

This should come as no surprise to Notre Dame fans! The University of Notre Dame again ranks among the national leaders among all 120 Football Bowl Subdivision institutions as the NCAA today honored Division I sports teams with 2010 public recognition awards for their latest multi-year Academic Progress Rate scores. These teams posted multi-year APR scores in the top 10 percent of all squads in their respective sports. The public recognition awards are part of the broad Division I academic reform effort. These awards are based on the most recent APR numbers that represent the combination of scores from the 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09 academic years. Notre Dame had 14 of its programs honored this year for the multi-year achievement -- men's basketball, men's cross country, men’s football, men's golf, men's ice hockey, men’s lacrosse, men's soccer, men’s tennis, men's indoor track and field, men's outdoor track and field, women's rowing, women's soccer, women's softball and women's tennis. Congratulations Irish!

The Subway Alumni Show - "All Internet Irish"

They are known as "Sprout and Eric" to their loyal Notre Dame fans (photo) and each week during the Irish Football season these two broadcast The Subway Alumni Show on the web. As they like to say, "it is for those who believe in sacred Saturdays of Notre Dame Football and beer. Lots of beer." Neither of them attended Notre Dame -- thus they named their "webishow" THE SUBWAY ALUMNI SHOW, for the millions of fans of Notre Dame who never attended the University. With fifty shows under their belt, Sprout and Eric have gotten better and better each week, in their coverage of Notre Dame Football. And, they're "still undefeated" as the unofficial coaches of Notre Dame football. It's their devotion and passion for Notre Dame Football that has earned them the NOTRE DAME GO IRISH BLOG: "ALL INTERNET IRISH" honors for 2010. It's well earned! Make sure you visit their website and take a look at a few of their archived shows and be sure to tun in this fall. Here's a link:


ND GO IRISH BLOG - Passed 4,000 Yesterday!

The NOTRE DAME GO IRISH BLOG is only 14 weeks old -- and in that time period more than 4,000 unique Fighting Irish fans have visited this site at least once! Most have visited the site, many, many times. THANKS for making NOTRE DAME GO IRISH BLOG one of your "ND homes" on the internet. Go IRISH!