Thursday, November 27, 2014

Photo: Thanksgiving Meat & Cheese Tray

My wife Susan was up early getting this ready for Thanksgiving with the family...


Happy Thanksgiving from Notre Dame!

Earlier this month, our team crafted a "BIG" thank you for the Notre Dame Family.  It took us a few weeks to pull off -- in some less than ideal conditions -- but, the end product turned out quite nice...

We built a 119 foot-long THANK YOU wall that was nearly 9 feet tall -- see photo above.

More than 3,000 Notre Dame students participated in this THANK YOU.

Please click on the link below -- it will take you to a site that has the following:
  • Three unique videos
  • A photo that spans the entire 119' of the THANK YOU WALL -- with a navigation tool that will allow you to zoom in and read every message
  • And, a photo gallery

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Look at Notre Dame's Fighting INJURED Irish

Never seen anything like this -- injury, after injury, after injury...

Here's a look at the toll injuries and suspensions have taken on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team this season -- 12 STARTERS HAVE MISSED CONSIDERABLE TIME!!!

OFFENSE -- projected starters in bold
  • Amir Carlisle -- missed a couple of games
  • Torii Hunter Jr. -- missed a couple of games
  • Tyler Luatua -- missed a few games
  • Davaris Daniels -- out for season

DEFENSE -- projected starters in bold
  • Jarret Grace -- out for season
  • Ishaq Williams -- out for season
  • Keivarae Russell -- out for season
  • Tony Springman -- out for season
  • Sheldon Moore -- out for season
  • Eilar Hardy -- missed first 9 games
  • Joe Schmidt -- out for season (5 games)
  • Jarron Jones -- out for season (3 games)
  • Nicky Baratti -- out for season (10 games)
  • Sheldon Day -- missed 2 games / maybe 3
  • Andrew Trumbetti -- missed a game
  • Austin Collinsworth -- missed 9 games
  • Drue Tranquill -- out for season (2 games)
  • Ben Councell -- missed 3 games
  • Cody Riggs -- missed 3 games / maybe out for season

I Don't Get This: Leinart to Lead Trojans...

The USC Trojans have asked former QB Matt Leinart to lead their team onto the field against Notre Dame on Saturday...

Pretty sad -- a Heisman Trophy winner turned into a mascot.


Thanks to a "Gang of Six" on Thanksgiving Eve

Eight days ago, in sub-zero wind chill on the campus of the University of Notre Dame -- six members of ND's Carpentry Services team (photo above) went beyond the call of duty to create something special for the entire Notre Dame family. 

Their names:
  • Tanner Andrysiak
  • Tim Meers
  • Jeremy Feltz
  • Derek Stump
  • Vance Welton
  • George Walters

You can see the result of their efforts in this video linked below:

Happy Birthday to the University of Notre Dame!

She is 172 years-old today!

Fr. Sorin founded the University of Notre Dame du Lac on this very day -- November 26 -- in the year 1842.

Happy Birthday Notre Dame!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Big Time ND Fans' TV Show -- Up For Awards!

My cousin (and big-time Notre Dame fan) Pat Doyle's TV Show "The Outdoor Option" has been nominated for 4 SPORTSMAN CHOICE AWARDS!

We can help him out by voting for The Outdoor Option in the following categories:
  • Best Variety Show
  • Best New Series
  • Best Educational / Instructional Show
  • Best Hosts

You can click on the link below to vote:


Domer Kym Worthy '84, Subject of ABC Drama

Notre Dame Law School alum Kym Worthy '84, a prosecuting attorney for Wayne County (MI), is the subject of a possible ABC TV series called "Conviction."

Here's the story:


Muffet's Notre Dame Fighting Irish Ranked #1

Well, it only took a three weeks for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to climb to the ranks of #1 in the Coaches Poll!

Here's the latest women's college basketball rankings:


Replay of Coach Brian Kelly's Tuesday Presser

Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly will meet with the media today to talk one last time about Louisville and then take questions about Saturday's game with "that school in Los Angeles..."


Brian Kelly Talks Louisville and Looks to USC

On Sunday afternoon, Coach Kelly recorded his weekly "Inside Notre Dame Football" TV show -- here's a look at what he had to say about the loss to Louisville and the look ahead to Saturday's game with USC:


Monday, November 24, 2014

Must Read: A Dad, His Son and Notre Dame

Folks, I'm always excited when Rick Becker -- a professor at Bethel College -- sends me a story he's written for his blog...

This story is about his eleven year-old son Nick and his first Notre Dame football game.  Got to love it...



Notre Dame Remembers Jim Butz '49, Today

I was fortunate to have spent some time with Jim Butz when he was running things at a golf company called Tiger Shark.  Our conversations invariably led to his love for Notre Dame..

This morning, at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart -- Jim Butz will be memorialized.  He died on October 12th at the age of 90 -- he's come "home" today to be buried in Notre Dame's Cedar Grove Cemetery.

He lived quite a life -- which you'll see in the story linked below.

Butz will always be remembered for his role in the creation of the "FIGHTING IRISH (Leprechaun) LOGO."  Butz asked Ted Drake if he could create "some symbol for Notre Dame..."

The rest is history.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Domer Riley Sheahan Excelling For Red Wings

Former Notre Dame hockey player Riley Sheahan is holding his own in Detroit -- "centering" the second line for the Red Wings...


A Thought For Our Friends at Under Armour

What if...

Under Armour picked an "obnoxious green" color -- one that would let the world know Notre Dame is here -- that they would commit to for the next nine years of their current contract with the University of Notre Dame.

Look at this photo above -- it has a few colors present, including red -- what color jumps off the page?  The bright green...

This green would be marketed in a collection called the "Notre Dame Stadium Collection" or the "Fighting Irish Collection."  A collection that would be worn by Notre Dame fans at ALL sporting events featuring our Fighting Irish -- we would not have to wear it from "head to toe" to get the desired effect -- a hat, a scarf, in the right color will work.

This Collection would include the following items:
  • caps / winter hats / gloves
  • jackets / coats / hoodies
  • sweatshirts / t-shirts / polo shirts
  • shorts / sweat pants / pants
  • shoes / scarfs / sun glasses 

Notre Dame fans would know that this is what you wear to sporting events involving the Fighting Irish -- and they'd also know that Under Armour would not be changing the shade of green... 

Please note -- we would still have all of the other color options and styles available at the Bookstore -- we'd just have an exclusive COLOR to wear to Notre Dame athletic events!

I've had three moments in the past fifteen years where I've been to Notre Dame sporting events where we had more fans than our opponent -- but, their fans all wore RED and it looked in the stands like they had twice as many fans as we did.  Even though we all were wearing Notre Dame gear -- unfortunately in five different colors; blue, black, white, gold and green:
  • Nebraska at Notre Dame Stadium -- 2000
  • Ohio State at the Fiesta Bowl -- 2006
  • Louisville at Notre Dame Stadium -- 2014
We have the greatest fans in collegiate sports -- let's dress (for once) like we're all on the same team!

What do you think!!!  


Notre Dame Grad Named Rhodes Scholar!

Alex Coccia '14, was just named a Rhodes Scholar -- the 15th in Notre Dame history!

The Rhodes Scholarship was first awarded in 1904 -- each recipient receives a two to three year education at the University of Oxford, all expenses paid.

Coccia, a former Notre Dame student body president, currently works in the Department of Health and Human Services in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE), in Washington, D.C.  ASPE advises the Secretary of HHS on policy development by the Department and Congress, leads special initiatives for the Secretary, and coordinates research and evaluation of Department programs.

Thirty-two Americans were selected Rhodes Scholars yesterday -- here's the press release:


Here's the Good News For Notre Dame Fans

Notre Dame continues to extend its lead on the ALL-TIME WINNING % in college football history -- over that school in Ann Arbor -- since the start of the season.  Michigan lost to Maryland yesterday to go 5 - 6 on the season:

  • NOTRE DAME:  73.2% 
  • Michigan:  73.0%

On a day when you might think all is lost -- just look north...

It's Time To Look Ahead to the USC Game...

The last six weeks of Notre Dame football have been difficult for everyone involved.
  • FSU: The offensive pass interference call that took a win away
  • BYE WEEK:  More time to think about the pass interference call
  • NAVY:  Blowing a large lead and escaping with a win
  • ASU:  Murphy's Law
  • NORTHWESTERN:  Murphy's Law
  • LOUISVILLE:  More of the same

So, now we travel to the WEST COAST for a game between two 7 - 4 squads. USC is smarting from a pasting by the crosstown Bruins last night and we're coming off of a stretch we'd like to forget...

To add insult to injury -- late last night, ABC moved the start time of the game to 3:30 PM ET -- a game that is always in PRIME TIME on Thanksgiving Weekend...

Here's a link to Brian Kelly's post game press conference:


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Big Game Today for Notre Dame Bowl Options

The Fighting Irish still have a number of decent Bowl Game options -- and a win today will go along way in solidifying where they could be headed.  Here's the South Bend Tribune's look at the potential Bowls for the Irish...

How would you feel about an Ohio State match-up in the Citrus Bowl!


Jonas Gray's "Bad Timing" in New England...

The Sports Illustrated "cover boy" didn't need this...