Wednesday, March 31, 2010

79th Anniversary of Knute Rockne's Death

A plane carrying Notre Dame Head Football Coach Knute Rockne - crashed on this date, 79 years ago. Ironically, Rockne was on his way to participate in the filming of a movie called "The Spirit of Notre Dame" -- which just happens to be the name of Notre Dame's current development campaign. The plane crashed in a wheat field near the town of Bazaar, Kansas -- killing all eight people on board.

Notre Dame Partners with YMCA

The University of Notre Dame's NonProfit Professional Development announced today that it would begin providing executive training to the YMCA's senior leadership this August -- at Notre Dame's executive classroom space in Chicago. The YMCA joins other service organizations such as; Volunteers of America, Catholic Charities USA and National Human Services Assembly -- who have sought executive training from Notre Dame.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Graduation moves to Notre Dame Stadium

In a move to accommodate more people at graduation -- the University of Notre Dame is moving Commencement, for the first time, to Notre Dame Stadium. The renovation of Purcell Pavillion left the arena with about 1,000 fewer seats, thus the need to move to a larger venue. This morning, Notre Dame announced the eight who would be receiving Honorary Degrees from the University. Here's a link to the story:


Notre Dame's "Social Robots" and Autism

The University of Notre Dame's Psychology Department is working with "social robots" in their work with children with Autism. Here's a story released yesterday by Notre Dame concerning their work in this area. Click on link:


Monday, March 29, 2010

Notre Dame installs a "Cleanroom" on campus

No, its not a prototype for a "George Jetson" dorm room at Notre Dame -- it's a 9,000 square foot classroom in Stinson-Remick Hall. It's the new home for some of Notre Dame's most advanced research projects. Click on the link to the story:


Saturday, March 27, 2010

A New "Helmet Rule" for Irish Football!

The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame hit the Lumbar Practice Fields for the first time yesterday under the direction of new Head Coach, Brian Kelly. One of the changes Kelly has brought to the Irish program is you "can't take your helmet off" during practice. It's all part of the discipline and attention to detail that Kelly felt our football program was lacking. Yesterday's practice was the first of fifteen (including April 24th's Blue & Gold Game) that the NCAA allows for Spring Practice. If you'd like to see some free video online of the Irish's practice -- click on the link below:


Friday, March 26, 2010

Notre Dame one of the "DREAM" colleges in America!

In an annual survey of more than 3,000 parents of college applicants by the Princeton Review, when asked "what dream college do you wish your child could attend if acceptance or cost weren't issues?" -- the University of Notre Dame was ranked the "seventh most dreamiest University in America." In last year's survey -- Notre Dame was ranked fourth, which leads me to think high school parents must have had some "nightmares" these past twelve months!!! To see the list of the "top ten" -- click on this link:


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Irish IDOL -- three more contestants...

Every week the NOTRE DAME GO IRISH BLOG -- searches the world wide web for the top performers of the greatest college fight song on the planet -- the Notre Dame Victory March. Here are three more contestants this week -- one has four legs! Click on the links below:




Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Skylar leads the Irish to Sweet Sixteen!

South Bend native, Skylar Diggins scored a career high 31 points in Notre Dame's 84 - 66 win last night over Vermont in the Second Round of the NCAA Women's Basketball National Championship. The victory puts the Irish into the "Sweet Sixteen" for the eighth time in the last fourteen years! Next up for Notre Dame is third seeded Oklahoma in Kansas City this Sunday. Tip-off for the game vs. Oklahoma is scheduled for 7:34 PM EST. Go Irish!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ND and USC Making Music Together!

The University of Notre Dame and the University of Southern California - long time rivals on the football field -- are collaborating in the class room via videoconferencing. Two Notre Dame students are enrolled in a Master Voice course with USC's Cynthia Munzer. Munzer sits in Los Angeles on the Southern Cal campus and she listens and critiques her two ND students via the live videoconference feed. Click on the link below to see how it's done:


Monday, March 22, 2010

Muffet brings out the Green -- in Irish win!

The Fighting Irish Women's basketball team won their opening game of the 2010 NCAA Women's Basketball National Championship yesterday -- topping Cleveland State 86 - 58. As has become a tradition for Muffet McGraw and her Irish -- she brings out the "green" version of their jersey for important games. I've seen posts this morning from ND fans wishing the Men's Irish basketball team would adopt a similar uniform design -- are you listening Mike Brey? The Irish are back in action tomorrow night when they play Vermont in the "second round" in a home game at Purcell Pavillion.

NFL Pro Day at Notre Dame -- March 23rd

Tomorrow, NFL scouts will be found with their stop watches, note pads and cameras inside Notre Dame's indoor practice facility as they take a look at the Notre Dame football players who are interested in playing in the NFL. It's NFL Pro Day at Notre Dame and many of the graduating seniors from the past two Irish football teams will be going through a number of "combine" drills and tests. Not sure if Golden Tate will be participating -- Jimmy Clausen will not, his personal Pro Day is scheduled for April 9th, though he will be in attendance. Here are the players who will be participating; James Aldridge, Sergio Brown, Paul Duncan, Kyle McCarthy, Raeshon McNeil, Eric Olsen, Robby Parris, Morrice Richardson, Scott Smith, Toryan Smith, Sam Young, David Grimes and Asaph Schwapp. Three years ago, Brady Quinn was a hot topic amongst NFL teams -- here's a link to his NFL Pro Day at Notre Dame:



Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Old 2 Gold" Yard Sale at Notre Dame Stadium

The University of Notre Dame's annual "Old 2 Gold" yard sale at Notre Dame Stadium has been set for Saturday, June 26th. The event is free and open to the public from 9 AM to 11 AM. If you'd like "first crack" at all of the items for sale -- you can pay $5 to get in at 7 AM -- and have two hours to shop the bargains first! Tickets go on sale for the early admission at 5 AM that day at Notre Dame Stadium.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Irish Women's Basketball begin NCAA run!

Well, we have one basketball team left in the NCAA Tournament - and that's Muffet McGraw's Fighting Irish. They begin tournament play tomorrow afternoon with a "home" game at Purcell Pavillion. The 2nd seeded Irish will be taking on the 15th seed, Cleveland State at 2:30 PM EST. It's been nine years since the Irish won the 2001 NCAA Women's Basketball National Championship. Tickets are still available -- and if you can't get to South Bend, you can watch the game on ESPN.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Notre Dame to play "under the lights" at Michigan

The first night game in Michigan Stadium history will take place on September 10th, 2011 -- when the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame come to town. The so called "Big House" has never hosted a night game in its 83 year history. Michigan's new Athletic Director Dave Brandon (just eleven days on the job) made the announcement yesterday. Here's a link to the South Bend Tribune Article:


What are they doing now? -- Rocket Ismail

It was announced yesterday that former ND All American, Raghib "The Rocket" Ismail has a new career. He's going to work for the Versus Channel and will be one of their commentators on Professional Bull Riding. Here's a link to the news article that speaks to what The Rocket is up to:


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Irish Men's Basketball begin NCAA Journey Today!

The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame tip off their 2010 run in the NCAA Tournament this afternoon at 12:25 PM (EST) in New Orleans against Old Dominion University. The Monarchs finished the season as the Colonial Athletic Association champs with a record of 26 - 8. They have a RPI ranking of 27 -- which is much higher than the Irish's 49 RPI. Both teams have a common opponent in Georgetown -- which both beat this season. This will be the second meeting in basketball between the two schools. In 1984 the Irish beat the Monarchs 67 - 62 in the NIT.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Wearin' of the Green!

Many fans of the University of Notre Dame believe the tradition of wearing green jerseys began against USC in 1977. Well, it really began in the 20's under Knute Rockne. Back then the Freshmen football teams wore green jerseys, while the Varsity wore blue. When teams showed up at Notre Dame wearing blue jerseys, Rockne would switch his team over to green jerseys to better distinguish his players from the opposition. In a game against Navy, Rockne had his teams wear a green jersey underneath their blue ones and when the Midshipmen scored first in the game - Rockne ordered his team to tear off their blue jerseys and wear the green. And, as George Trevor of the New York Sun reported; "Instantaneously, the Notre Dame regulars yanked off their blue outer sweaters and - like a horde of green Gila monsters - darted onto the field. From that moment on, Notre Dame held the initiative, imposed its collective will upon the Navy." Notre Dame came from behind to win that game, 19-6, and then used the same maneuver the following year at Chicago's Soldier Field. That 1928 game saw Notre Dame beat Navy, 7-0, with the Scholastic Football Review including this description: "Mr. K.K. Rockne may, or may not, be a psychologist. But, he did array his team in bright green jerseys for their battle with the United States Naval Academy. Mr Rockne evidently surmised that garbing a band of native and adopted Irish in their native color is somewhat akin to showing a bull the Russian flag." The green jerseys remained prominent throughout the Frank Leahy years - particularly in September of 1947, when Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Lujack graced the cover of Life magazine clad in green. Digger Phelps used to trot out the green jerseys during the NCAA Tournament when the Irish played on or near St. Patrick's Day. Muffet McGraw has done the same with her teams. Will Brey bring the "green" to New Orleans tomorrow? The link below shows the Irish running onto the field in green jerseys in the famous 1977 game against USC:


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Former ND All American helping troubled teens!

Jeff Faine, center for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and former ND All American -- is giving back to the community. This Friday, Faine will host an "Evening of H.O.P.E" in Orlando. Faine's intent is to create a home for six to eight teenagers who no longer are eligible to participate in foster care. He wants to equip them with the essential tools and training necessary to become successful in life. "This is a place for some of these kids who really want help and want to make something better for themselves," Faine said. "A place to get social counseling and financial guidance, learn how to open a checking and savings account, the things that most people take for granted. A place they can live as well, but there will be requirements on their end, whether it be a obtaining a GED, two-year college degree, trade school degree, or attending a four-year university." Faine plans to build the first home in the Orlando area and then look partner with local businesses to build homes in the Tampa area as well. For more on this event -- please click on the link below:


Muffet's Irish Receive 2nd Seed in NCAA Tournament!

For the 15th consecutive season, the Irish Women's Basketball Team is headed to the NCAA Tournament. Notre Dame will play 15th seeded Cleveland State this Sunday in a First Round "home" game at the Purcell Pavillion. The game will be televised on ESPN. This is the 17th trip to the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship for the Irish Women's basketball program.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Is Clausen on his way to Cleveland?

In the wake of the Browns trading Brady Quinn to the Broncos yesterday, stories are now surfacing that Cleveland may be interested in taking Jimmy Clausen with their seventh pick in April's NFL Draft. How ironic would that be? Clausen followed Quinn to Notre Dame and now he could be doing the same with the Browns. USA Today (today) ran a story that supported Clausen going #1 overall to the St. Louis Rams. Other sources have the Redskins looking at Clausen with their fourth pick. It now appears certain he'll go in the first ten picks. Clausen, still recovering from toe surgery, has his Pro Day scheduled the week before the Draft. For what it's worth, he was the best "losingest" QB in Notre Dame history. He was much better than his career Win/Loss record at the QB position at Notre Dame. Here's a video tribute to Jimmy:


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brady Quinn traded to Broncos!

The Cleveland Browns traded former ND QB Brady Quinn to the Denver Broncos today for a player and two draft picks. Quinn was drafted by the Browns in the first round three years ago -- yet didn't fulfill his potential in Cleveland. In Denver, Quinn will be joining a former Charlie Weis protege -- Josh McDaniels. McDaniels was on Charlie's offensive staff when Weis ran the Patriots offense. The links below are the reactions to the trade from the two cities -- enjoy!



Irish receive a SIXTH SEED!

Mike Brey and his sixth seeded Fighting Irish are headed to play the #11 seed Old Dominion in the South Region in the first round of the NCAA Tournament in New Orleans on Thursday night. WHEN WE WIN, the Irish will likely take on #3 seed Baylor on Saturday. NCAA Tournament Fact: #6 seeds have won 68.5% of their first round games. Go Irish!

Irish IDOL -- three more contestants...

Every week, NOTRE DAME GO IRISH -- searches the world wide web for the best performers of the Notre Dame Victory March. Here's this week's contestants on Irish IDOL;




Saturday, March 13, 2010

Are the Irish a 6, 7 or 8 Seed?

After the late season "run" for the Irish -- I'm hoping to see the Irish in the "top 32" seeds in the NCAA Tournament when the NCAA Committee announces the field for the 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament tomorrow evening.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Former Heisman Trophy Winner -- Seeking Sponsors for NASCAR Team!

Tim Brown, former ND All American and 1987 Heisman Trophy winner -- is seeking sponsors to start a NASCAR racing team. Brown, who retired from the Oakland Raiders after sixteen years in the NFL -- is working with technical assistance from Roush Racing and NASCAR's Drive for Diversity program. Brown intends to find a black, hispanic or woman driver for his team. Good Luck Tim!

Irish vs. Pittsburgh this evening at Big East!

The seventh seeded Fighting Irish of Notre Dame take on the 2nd seeded Pitt Panthers tonight at 7 PM in the Big East Tournament, after beating Seton Hall last night. Tip off is set for 7PM EST on ESPN. The Irish beat Pitt 68 - 53 three weeks ago in South Bend -- starting the current five game winning streak. Go Irish!

ND Hockey "Cathedral" Construction to Start

The University of Notre Dame has been "under construction" for a long time... One new building, or addition, after another. Add one more to the list. The new hockey arena which will be located south of the Purcell Pavillion and just west of the women's softball stadium is expected to begin construction on March 15th. Here's the only artist rendition I could find of the arena. From what I've been told, it will rival any college hockey arena in America -- it's designer Michael Rossetti is calling it a 'hockey cathedral." Should be something!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Irish play Seton Hall tonight @ 7 PM

Notre Dame opens up play this evening in the Big East Tournament against Seton Hall at Madison Square Garden. The Irish lost to "The Hall" by three (90 - 87), February 11th in a game played before DEFENSE returned to Notre Dame basketball. You can watch the game on ESPN2 at 7 PM EST. Go Irish!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The world's largest "five on five" outdoor basketball tournament is about to "tip off" again. Students, Faculty, Staff, Coaches -- all participate in this uniquely Notre Dame event. Registration for the 2010 Bookstore Basketball Tournament ended March 5th. Since 1972, Bookstore Basketball has taken place outside in the snow, sleet and rain -- on the Notre Dame campus. It started with 53 teams in 1972, the 2009 tournament had 712 teams. Last year's Champions in the Open Tournament; Hallelujah Holla Back will attempt to repeat, without last year's "MVP" (Joe Fauria) who transferred to UCLA and Dayne Crist who's coming off of knee surgery. If you're in town for the Blue & Gold Game you'll see the late rounds of this year's tournament on Friday night and Saturday night -- on the courts next to the Hammes Bookstore. Here's a link to a ESPNU story on last year's tournament and a link to the official tournament site:



ND Senior - Gates Cambridge Scholar!

Ryan Lash, a senior majoring in medieval studies and anthropology is one of 29 American students to receive a Gates Scholarship (Bill Gates, Co-Founder of Microsoft) to attend the University of Cambridge to pursue a masters degree. Here is a link to the news release from the University of Notre Dame:


Monday, March 8, 2010

Golden Tate Private Autograph Signing

Are you a fan of Golden Tate? Here's your opportunity to get an autographed item from Golden prior to the NFL Draft. Emerald Sky Sports is hosting a private autograph session with Golden on March 27th. The private signing session will be broadcast live on the web -- so you can actually watch Golden sign the item you requested. For more information click on this link:


Notre Dame Sports on the Web

If you're anything like me, you can't get enough Notre Dame information on the sports teams. Here's the NOTRE DAME GO IRISH BLOG ranking of ND related sports sites and blogs on the web. Click on the titles and it will link you to the respective site.
ND Sports Subscription Sites - Rankings:

#1: Irish Sports Daily
#2: Irish Illustrated
#3: Blue & Gold Illustrated

ND Sports Free Sites - Rankings:
#1: Notre Dame Official Athletic Site
#2: ND Nation
#3: Notre Dame Central
#3: The Unofficial Home of Notre Dame Football

ND Sports Blogs - Rankings:
#1: Blue-Gray Sky
#2: Under the Golden Dome

Mike Anello -- a Notre Dame Man!

BusinessWeek selected Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business, last week, as the top Undergraduate Business School in America. When they published the article online they asked top ND Student Athlete -- Mike Anello to pose for this photo. Anello "walked on" the football team as a sophomore, as a senior he earned a full scholarship and was named a Team Captain. He also graduated with a 3.93 GPA in Finance from the Mendoza College of Business earning Academic All-American honors. Here's a link to the article:


A look back at a decade of Notre Dame Football

Found this video that looks back at the last ten years of Notre Dame Football. It shows the highs and the lows -- and I promise you it's going to get you ready for Spring Practice, the Blue & Gold Game and the Home Opener September 4th against Purdue. Enjoy!

ND FOOTBALL 2000 - 2009

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Did Carleton Scott's Three Pointer put Irish in NCAA Tournament?

The surging Notre Dame Fighting Irish -- winners of four straight Big East games, earned a seventh seed in the Big East Tournament this week at Madison Square Garden -- after their big overtime win yesterday over Marquette. Carleton Scott's buzzer beating three-pointer put the game into overtime and probably Notre Dame into the NCAA Tournament. The Irish will play the winner of the Seton Hall vs. Providence game -- on Wednesday. Go Irish!


Irish IDOL -- three new contestants

Every week at NOTRE DAME GO IRISH we search the web for the top singers and musicians, in the world, and ask them to perform the greatest college fight song in the land -- the Notre Dame Victory March! Here are three more contestants -- just click on the links below:




Friday, March 5, 2010

Notre Dame - #1 in the Nation!

BusinessWeek just released their ranking of the top fifty Undergraduate Business School's in the country and Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business was ranked the nation's best! Congratulations to Dr. Carolyn Woo and team for this recognition. Here's a link to the BusinessWeek ranking:


ND Basketball -- NCAA Tournament Bound?

With big wins these past ten days against Georgetown, Pittsburgh and Connecticut -- the Irish are back in the conversation concerning the NCAA Tournament. Some expert think they're in right now. Some say, they need to win two in the Big East Tournament -- others say they need to beat Marquette tomorrow on the road. It's obvious that Notre Dame is on the proverbial "bubble." How many more wins do you think the Irish need before the NCAA Selection Committee announces the teams next Sunday? Cast your vote on the Notre Dame Go Irish Blog poll.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Frank Leahy -- one of the greats of all time!

We use his name often when talking about the great coaches at Notre Dame -- yet, do we really know that much about him? He won four National Championships, had six undefeated seasons, an unbeaten streak of 39 games and he coached four Heisman Trophy winners. His overall record was 87 - 11 - 9. Yeah, they use to have "ties" in football! He resigned from Notre Dame with two years left on his contract - later saying he "didn't feel wanted at Notre Dame." Kind of hard to believe! Here's an NFL Films video tribute of Coach Leahy:


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Notre Dame Professor comments on Toyota

James O'Rourke, Professor of Management and Director of the Fanning Center for Business Communications -- comments on Toyota's handling of their public relations crisis. Click on the video link below:


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Notre Dame MBA's win National Competition

A team of four MBA students at Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business took home top honors at the ninth annual Leads Net Impact Case Competition at the University of Colorado. The competition pitted 61 MBA teams from 39 business schools in a case format competition built around businesses facing sustainability issues. Here's a link to the story:


Monday, March 1, 2010

Notre Dame Grads -- Top Ten Paid

A recent survey of college graduates - ten years after graduation -- found that University of Notre Dame graduates are amongst the top ten paid. To see the list -- click on the link below:


Winners crowned at Bengal Bouts Finals

The 80th Annual Bengal Bouts culminated Saturday night at Notre Dame's Purcell Pavillion -- with 14 winners crowned. Here's a link to The Observer's recap of each fight. Click on the link below.