Saturday, September 5, 2015

Under Armour -- We Need ND GameDay Gear!

I'm going to jump on a soap box for 77 seconds this morning...

I don't believe I'm alone when I say it is frustrating for Notre Dame fans to walk into any stadium or arena -- and see a "sea of red, orange, yellow, etc." from the opposing fan base...

Then to look around and see fellow Notre Dame fans wearing; blue, gold, green, white or black -- and looking outnumbered -- when we're not.

TELL ME -- what color pops best in the photos above?  It is not even close...

Why can't we get Under Armour to create an apparel and accessories collection called NOTRE DAME GAMEDAY GEAR!  Here's what that would look like:
  1. We pick what we'll call "FIGHTING IRISH GREEN" -- a color that says we're here, we're loud and we're proud. 
  2. It would come in a number of items Under Armour makes for Notre Dame -- that you would potentially wear to a game; hats, visors, gloves, t-shirts, shirts, shorts, shoes, pants, scarfs, coats, socks, rain gear, etc.
  3. And, Notre Dame commits to this color -- FOREVER -- so fans are not forced into having to buy new Notre Dame GameDay Gear every year -- or, if we switch to another apparel partner.

Soon, every Notre Dame fan in the world would know --- it's GameDay for Notre Dame -- and this is what we wear to cheer on our Fighting Irish.  You don't have to wear it head to toe -- if the color is great -- all you need is a hat or scarf to make it POP in the stadium or arena.

It's time.

As you walk around Notre Dame's campus today -- you're going to see the fans from Texas in their burnt orange color -- and you're going to see the fans of the Fighting Irish in our blue, gold, green, white and black...

Under Armour -- please give us our FIGHTING IRISH GREEN GAMEDAY GEAR!

We need this to be what GAMEDAY -- looks like for Notre Dame -- FOREVER.