Thursday, March 13, 2014

Notre Dame's "Thunder & Lightning"

PREDICTION:  Notre Dame freshmen Greg "Thunder" Bryant and Tarean "Lightning" Folston (both from Florida) combined with Cam "Superman" McDaniel -- will make up the best three back rotation we've seen in South Bend since the days of Bettis (1st Round Draft Pick), Brooks (2nd Round Draft Pick) and Watters (2nd Round Pick) and we can't forget Culver (4th Round Draft Pick) either...

Should be fun!

Justin Tuck Signs With Oakland Raiders Today


The Captain of the New York Football Giants' signed a deal to play for the "BLACK & SILVER" in Oakland.  Tuck leaves the Big Apple for the Black Hole -- never saw this coming...

Tuck, the former Notre Dame All-American, signs a two-year deal for $11 million.  CONGRATS!


Gates Foundation Gives Notre Dame $23 Million

The wealthiest couple in the world, Bill and Melinda Gates (pictured above) -- through their Foundation -- gave the University of Notre Dame $23 million to fight malaria and dengue fever.  Notre Dame biologists Nicole Achee and Neil Lobo are leaders of this international research effort. 

This represents the second largest research grant ever given to the University of Notre Dame!

See the story below: