Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chris Watt vs. Grant Irons -- Who Wins?

The folks at the Monogram Club produced this video of current Notre Dame offensive lineman Chris Watt '13 and former Notre Dame linebacker Grant Irons -- talking about how they might handle each other in a one-on-one battle in the trenches...

My money is on Chris Watt -- it has to be, Chris sits in with my team most every Thursday to talk about BEST PRACTICES in marketing...


Two Domers on ABC's The Bachelorette !!!

I posted a story earlier in the week about a Notre Dame alum (Michael Garafolo '02) who is a contestant on ABC's hit series The Bachelorette -- well, there were TWO!

Larry Burchett '01, (photo above) is a Notre Dame alum from Overland Park, KS -- who is an ER Doctor at Sonoma Valley Hospital (CA).  Unfortunately, Larry didn't get a rose this past week and he's been eliminated from the show.  Sorry Larry!

Notre Dame fans will now have to root for Michael...