Monday, October 8, 2012

Looks Like Brady Quinn Will Start for Chiefs!

It's been a long time coming...

Brady Quinn had not seen the field in his last 38 regular season NFL football games -- think about that.

This past Sunday, Quinn came in for the Chiefs injured starter Matt Cassell and completed all three of his passes for 32 yards.  Cassell, who was knocked out on a vicious hit -- is not expected to be able to play this Sunday, clearing a starting role for Quinn.  Stay tuned!


FBS National Statistical Rankings: Notre Dame

National Rankings -- here's a quick look at where Notre Dame players, offensive, defensive and special team units stack up amongst the 120 teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision after their 41 - 3 win over Miami Saturday:


Everett Golson
  • 70th in completion rate:  60.4%
  • 85th in QB rating:  126.5
  • 92nd in yards passing:  827 yards
  • 98th in Total Offense:  867 yards

George Atkinson III
  • 96th in yards rushing per attempt:  9.3 yards 
  • 147th in yards rushing:  269 yards


Stephon Tuitt
  • 7th in total QB sacks:  1.2 sacks per game

Bennett Jackson
  •  9th in interceptions:  3 interceptions

Manti Teo
  • 6th in fumbles recovered per game:  0.4 per game
  • 9th in interceptions:  3 interceptions
  • 25th in tackles per game:  9.6 per game

  • 9th in turnovers lost:  4 this season 
  • 15th in time of possession;  32.52 minutes per game
  • 40th in rushing offense per game:  187.4 yards per game
  • 43rd in 3rd down efficiency:  42.86%
  • 51st in first downs:  22.0 first downs per game
  • 61st in scoring offense:  29 points per game
  • 83rd in passing offense per game:  211 yards per game

  • 2nd in scoring defense:  7.8 points per game 
  • 5th in red zone defense:  Teams score only 58% of the time
  • 13th in first downs allowed:  16.0 per game
  • 13th in total offense allowed:  290 yards per game
  • 16th in turnovers gained:  13 turnovers gained
  • 16th in passes intercepted:  8 interceptions
  • 17th in rushing defense:  106.8 yards per game
  • 20th in QB sacks:  2.8 sacks per game
  • 43rd in passing defense:  195 yards per game

  • 7th in turnover margin:  +1.8 per game
  • 23rd in fewest penalty yards per game:  39.17 yards
  • 26th in net punting:  39.7 yards per punt
  • 41st in fewest penalties per game:  5.4 penalties 
  • 84th in kick off return yards:  19.83 per kick-off return
  • 100th in kick off return defense:  24.11 yards per kick-off return
  • 104th in punt return yards:  3.5 yards per punt return