Friday, August 31, 2012

FACT: Nowwhere Else But Notre Dame!

I challenge any of your friends that root for schools other than Notre Dame -- and I will name them for you; Michigan, USC, Alabama, Florida, Oregon, Ohio State, etc. -- and ask them if they've ever experienced this:
  • A Pep Rally televised on NATIONAL TELEVISION -- in a country THOUSANDS of miles away from home -- with forty of that countries "top artists" performing along with the Band of the Fighting Irish.  With MILLIONS more watching it online!!

Folks -- Friday's Pep Rally in Dublin is INCREDIBLE!!!

I had the good fortune of sitting in on the Band of the Fighting Irish's performance yesterday and I will tell you it's off the charts (PHOTO ABOVE OF REHEARSAL).  College Football has never seen anything like this --- EVER!

 I can't stress enough how special this night will be for the University of Notre Dame and its family!

So, if you're sitting back in the States -- just click on the link below and you can watch a one-hour TAPE DELAY of the Pep Rally at the link below.  THE SHOW BEGINS at 4:30 PM ET: