Friday, July 13, 2012

OT: Made in America -- at the Winter Olympics

The story broke yesterday that the opening and closing ceremony uniforms that the U.S. Olympic Team would be wearing, in this month's Olympics in London -- were made in China.

The reaction in the social media space was so negative -- the U.S. Olympic Committee and Ralph Lauren felt they they had to announce the uniforms our Olympic Team wears at the Winter Olympics will be MADE IN AMERICA.

Something tells me this won't quiet the critics these next few weeks...

I think it would be smart to put the U.S. Olympic Team in t-shirts that say: "I'M MADE IN AMERICA" and ditch the uniforms.


Adidas Puts New Shoes on Notre Dame!

Here's a photo of the Notre Dame football shoes that Adidas is providing Notre Dame this season.  Awesome!