Sunday, June 10, 2012

OT: Proof You Don't Mess With Mother Nature!

Folks, four days ago THREE FEET OF HAIL fell in Denver the other day on a 90 degree day (top photo).  In the past 24 hours TWENTY INCHES OF RAIN fell in the Florida Panhandle area -- and currently in the Fort Collins, CO area -- 22 SQUARE MILES OF FIRE...

Notre Dame's Connection to the Triple Crown

The news the past 36 hours centered on "I'll Have Another" and his retirement from the sport, quelling his quest to win horse racing's TRIPLE CROWN at Belmont Park yesterday afternoon.

The University of Notre Dame has a connection to the TRIPLE CROWN as well -- the triple crown in baseball that is.

Forty-five years ago, Carl Yastrezmski (who before signing with the Boston Red Sox was a student-athlete at the University of Notre Dame) won the triple crown in baseball!  Yaz led the American League in 1967 in home runs (44), runs batted in (121) and batting average (.326) -- the last time it's been done MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL!

FACT:  There have been FIFTEEN TRIPLE CROWN WINNERS in the 143 years of Major League Baseball -- and there have been ELEVEN TRIPLE CROWN WINNERS in the 137 years of horse racing in America. (Cover on right of Affirmed winning the last Triple Crown in horse racing in 1978)