Monday, April 9, 2012

Can You Win a National Championship Clean?

With the breaking story today that Baylor's women's basketball team (men as well) is under investigation for recruiting violations and you look back at most of the recent National Championship teams or runners-up; USC, Auburn, LSU, Ohio State, Oregon, UCONN, Kentucky, etc., (football and basketball) -- it seems like the constant is this -- they ALL break the rules...

Kind of sad isn't it -- especially if you're a program that makes an effort to do the right thing.

Case in point -- I witnessed something I found kind of odd a couple of weeks ago on the University of Notre Dame campus.

A football assistant coach stopped his car on the edge of campus and out hopped a four-star recruit with his parents and I watch them hug and say good-bye.  And, then the parents and recruit "walk across the street (Angela / Edison) to their hotel (Fairfield Inn & Suites) -- apparently there must be a rule that says you can't transport recruits off campus during an unofficial visit.  

Would it have been a big-deal for that coach to drive another 75 feet across the road to the hotel and drop them off?  Probably not if you're at an institution that doesn't follow the rules -- or makes its own.  Obviously, this coach was doing the right thing -- per the NCAA and Notre Dame.

Remember, they say "character" is best defined as what you do when no one is watching you.