Friday, January 13, 2012

How Many More Will Commit to Notre Dame?

National Signing Day is just a little more than three weeks (February 1) away and there's still a number of players who could potentially commit to our Fighting Irish.  Here's the list of players who have yet to pick a school and are still actively considering Notre Dame:
  • Arik Armstead -- a huge defensive end out of California, is going to make his pick on Monday or Tuesday -- as he's scheduled to enroll in college this next week.  It appears it's a race between Auburn, California and Notre Dame.  Armstead is being recruited to play football and basketball for ND.  I don't believe there are many experts who feel he'll end up wearing the GOLD HELMET.  I haven't given up hope and think he may just end up being our BIG RECRUITING SURPRISE this year. 
  • Ronald Darby -- had verbally committed to ND back in April.  Last week he "de-committed" and is on a recruiting trip this weekend to Florida State.  It's now become a race between FSU, LSU and still possibly Notre Dame.  Here's another player that many have given up on.  Not so fast my friends!  Darby, is a world-class sprinter who appears to love to hit people.  We need this young man in a GOLD HELMET.  Coach Kelly still has an in-home visit left with Darby -- if the family will allow it -- and, I wouldn't bet against Kelly if he's allowed in the house!
  • Yuri Wright -- is a big time athlete out of Jersey whose high school teammate, Elijah Shumate, committed to the Irish last week at the Army All American game.  Wright is a defensive back, just like Darby -- who probably isn't as ready to play as Darby -- but, has great upside potential.  I like ND's chances in landing Wright.  It will probably come down to a choice between hometown Rutgers vs. the Irish.
  • Davonte Neal -- another big time athlete who would play receiver for the Irish.  He's out of Arizona.  If he signed with the Irish he would definitely see the field next year.  I'm not as optimistic with Mr. Neal -- I see him playing for Urban Meyer at OSU. 
  • Devin Fuller -- a QB / Athlete out of Jersey who's mother was a professional singer and his uncle is the comedian/actor Sinbad.  Fuller played in the Army All American game as a receiver -- and he showed off his wheels on a couple of reverses.  ND is trying to get him to visit -- and is recruiting him as a QB.  I think if he visits -- he's Irish.  Keep your fingers crossed.
  • Ken Ekanem -- a LB out of Virginia.  He's down to ND and Va Tech.  Ekanem will be visiting ND before Signing Day so there's still a chance here.
  • Josh Garnett -- an OL out of Washington.  He's a super smart kid who intends to go to Med School (after the NFL).  For a long time it seemed he was Michigan bound.  Now, it's probably a Stanford vs. ND competition.  Unfortunately, I think he ends up on the FARM.
  • Anthony Standifer -- a CB out of Illinois who had originally committed to Michigan -- is now considering ND.  He'll be visiting the Irish next weekend -- so there's a chance here.
There's a few other players who've yet to officially say NO to ND -- that I don't think we have any chance at landing.  Of the eight players listed here -- I would predict we only lead with Yuri Wright at this very moment....

However, plenty could change in the next nineteen days!