Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rockne's Irish Recruited An OLB Today

I've been avoiding commenting on this story since I learned about it six hours ago...

Former Notre Dame OLB Andre Jones -- who's the father of current Irish WR Tailer "TJ" Jones -- died this morning from a brain aneurysm.  Only 42 years young -- Andre was a member of Notre Dame's 1988 National Championship team. 

I remember feeling so much joy for Andre Jones and his family when word got out that TJ had decided to commit to Dad's school.  For Andre to then see his son run out of that tunnel with the gold helmet on -- and to see him play in his first game as a freshman starter -- wearing "their #7"  --  what a special time for this family.

My prayers and I'm sure the prayers of the entire Notre Dame Family go out to Andre's wife Michelle and their five kids tonight -- what a loss...



Notre Dame Dominates Big Ten Awards Show!

I kid you not!

The Big Ten Network (BTN) held their fourth annual Awards Show last night and of the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish -- yeah, the irrelevant school in the Midwest -- dominated the awards given  in football.

The BTN gave away six awards last night for Big Ten Football -- and three of the awards involved the University of Notre Dame.  It's obvious -- the Big Ten's measuring stick is Notre Dame:
  • Most Dominating Performance:  Dennard Robinson against Notre Dame
  • Best Finish:  Michigan State's overtime win over Notre Dame
  • Most Courageous Performance:  Mark Dantonio -- suffering heart attack after game with Notre Dame
Here's a link to the Big Ten Network story: