Thursday, March 31, 2011

PHOTOS OF THE DAY: ND Shamrock Helmets

Here's what the "shamrock" logo looked like on ND helmets in 1959 (top photo) and 1960 (bottom photo) -- you'll note the shamrock design changed quite dramatically.  Who knows what ND was thinking with the top photo?  Rumor has it that Coach Kuharich put the upside down shamrock on the 1959 helmet to change the luck of the football program.  I wonder what shamrock design the Irish will go with for the Michigan game?

Zibby -- "I Want to be World Champion!"

Former Notre Dame football star, Tommy Zbikowski -- sat down for an interview with a boxing writer from Sports Illustrated this week to talk about his professional boxing career.   Zibby has had a couple of pro fights the past three weeks during the NFL "hiatus."  Thought you'd enjoy this!


ND Football Uniform Design to Rival Oregon's?

Coach Kelly dropped a couple of "bombshells" when he met with students at Siegfried Hall this week -- the first was the "OLD SCHOOL" look for the Irish when they play Michigan this September...

However, the biggest bomb might be his comment that the IRISH will unveil a uniform, later in the season, that even Oregon isn't doing.  WHAT?  Looks like Adidas must be putting some pressure on ND to get on board with a strategy that will sell gear.  Stay tuned!

The Plane Crash That Changed Notre Dame

80 years ago today -- March 31, 1931 -- a plane crash in Bazaar, Kansas forever changed the University of Notre Dame.  A man by the name of Knute Rockne -- was unfortunately on that plane -- and his death shocked a nation, let alone a school in the "middle of nowhere."

Much has been written, much has been said -- in the eighty years since Rockne's death.  What's a given is this -- his legacy of success in football and the willingness to play "anyone -- anywhere" -- shaped the brand we know today as the University of Notre Dame.

Here's a link to a story written by The Republic -- concerning Rockne's untimely death: