Saturday, March 26, 2011

PHOTO OF THE DAY: ND Spring Practice

Here's what practice looks like "indoors" at the Loftus Center on the campus of the University of Notre Dame.  The Irish are involved in practice #3 of the Spring Season.  Photo courtesy of Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune -- he "tweeted" this photo.

Muffet's Irish -- on ESPN at 2:30 PM EDT Today!

The "Sweet Sixteen" Fighting Irish of Notre Dame take on Oklahoma today in Dayton, OH.  The winner advances to the Elite Eight -- and one step closer to the FINAL FOUR.  Last year Oklahoma knocked out ND in the NCAA Tournament -- REVENGE TIME!  The game will be televised by ESPN beginning at 2:30 PM EDT.

To get you ready for today's game -- you'll want to click on the links below:




Zibby Fighting Again -- TONIGHT ON HBO!

Former Notre Dame football star and current NFL Baltimore Raven -- Tommy Zbikowski, is fighting again tonight.  He's in Atlantic City, NJ fighting in a four-round "undercard" bout on HBO's "Boxing After Dark" telecast -- and he'll have "Hall-a-Famer" Emanuel Steward in his corner.  HBO will have "highlights" of Tommy's fight during their telecast tonight which begins at 9:45 PM ET.

Steward is one of the all-time great boxing trainers -- working out of his KRONK gym in Detroit.  Zibby and Steward teamed up for this fight and it appears Zibby intends to move to Detroit after the fight to continue his quest to become the Heavyweight Champion of the World!  (Photo above of Emmanuel Steward and Tommy Zbikowski)

Just something to do while the NFL is on strike...

The New York Post and The Press of Atlantic City ran stories this morning about Tommy's fight -- see links below.  And, there's a third link to an interview with Zibby about tonight's fight -- just fast forward the video to the 10:30 mark and you'll find his interview. 




The "Not So" Elite Eight: Student-Athletes

Over the next two-days, the nation's attention will be on the ELITE EIGHT -- the last teams standing in the 2011 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship.  We will hear story after story about how great these teams are on the wood floor.  But, I can bet -- CBS and BANK NCAA won't be alerting all of you to this story...

Back in 1906 the NCAA was formed (in their own words) to "protect young people from the dangerous and exploitive athletics practices of the time."  This was 105 years ago -- long before the NCAA became a bank in Indianapolis.

Here's the story you won't be hearing today or tomorrow -- and it's about the "exploitation" of the "student" half of the misplaced term -- student-athlete.  If you were to properly identify the guys wearing basketball uniforms -- on TV sets these next two days -- they would be placed in two categories:

Student-Athletes or Rented-Athletes.   

Behind closed doors BANK NCAA calls the latter; "short-term assets."

Of the teams left in the Elite Eight -- here's how the teams should be identified -- based on BANK NCAA's GSR score -- (it's not a credit score) -- it's the Graduation Success Rate of its bank account holders.

  • North Carolina -- a GSR of 88 
  • Butler -- a GSR of 83
  • Kansas -- a GSR of 80 

Rented-Athletes or Short Term Assets:
  • VCU -- a GSR of 56
  • Kentucky -- a GSR of 44
  • Florida -- a GSR of 44
  • UCONN -- a GSR of 31
  • Arizona -- a GSR of 20  

It makes you wonder why BANK NCAA even seeks a GSR score for its bank account holders?  Have you ever heard a story about BANK NCAA "turning down" VCU, Kentucky, Florida, UCONN or Arizona as a customer -- for their low GSR score?  I haven't.  From what I can see, BANK NCAA just keeps taking deposits -- from all of their account holders.

This is the story you won't hear today or tomorrow -- BANK ON IT!