Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Million Dollar Road Trip

The Million Dollar Road Trip, a national advertising campaign that promotes small businesses and entrepreneurship across America -- founded by Notre Dame alums; Walter and Patrick Hessert (Patrick on the left and Walter on the right, in photo) -- will pass through New York City this week as part of a yearlong cross-country tour.  In addition, the two "Domers" will host a tailgate at the Notre Dame vs. Army game this Saturday at Yankee Stadium.

The mission of the Million Dollar Road Trip is to inspire others to dream big and act boldly despite a poor economy.  The Notre Dame alums are traveling the nation in a bright blue Airstream trailer and sharing the stories of thousands of people from around the country who are continuing to take risk in pursuit of their passions.  Million Dollar Road Trip supports fellow entrepreneurs who the Hessert brothers meet on the road by awarding bi-weekly cash grants.  Recent recipients include: an ex-convict from Houston who started his own printing business using skills learned in prison classes; a high school Senior from Chicago's West Side who started a beverage company to pay for college; and a stay at home father in Iowa City who founded a gym in his garage.  Nominees are posted on their website (link below) where the public can vote for the most inspiring entrepreneur.

Over the course of the year, Walter and Patrick hope to sell $1 million dollars worth of advertising on the exterior of the Airstream and transform it into a mosaic of American businesses. Since the road trip's launch on July 4th, more than 120 businesses have purchased ad space on this traveling billboard. The Million Dollar Road Trip Airstream will cover over 40,000 miles, visit 48 states, pass through 50 of the nation's largest cities, and attend some of the most notable events in the country.  Good luck guys!  Here's a link to their website:


Notre Dame Changes Its Name...

The "College of Notre Dame" -- founded in 1895, in Baltimore -- has renamed itself as "Notre Dame of Maryland University."  You'll enjoy the story and especially the University's president's reply to a question regarding the "more famous -- University of Notre Dame, in South Bend, IN."  Here's a link to the story and the school's website:



UPDATED: ND's Defense -- National Ranking

It's time for our weekly look at where Notre Dame Football ranks in certain statistical categories amongst the 120 teams in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision -- AFTER TEN GAMES OF THE 2010 SEASON.  In today's analysis you'll see how Notre Dame's defense currently stands on a national basis -- as compared to their final ranking for 2009 and against the top team in the country -- in each category this season.


Quarterback Sacks:  2010 Rank - #17 with 26 QB sacks -- in 2009 we had 19 QB sacks for the season, ranking us #92 -- Florida State leads the country with 39 QB sacks.  

Tackles for Loss:  2010 Rank - #53 with an average of 6.0 tackles for loss per game -- in 2009 we averaged 6.0 tackles for loss per game, ranking us #48 in the country.  Boise State leads the country with an average of 8.89 tackles for loss per game.  

Interceptions:  2010 Rank - #38 with 11 interceptions -- in 2009 we had 12 interceptions for the season, ranking us #50 -- Alabama, Boston College, Florida, Ohio State and Tulsa lead the country with 17 interceptions. 

First Downs:  2010 Rank - #57 allowing an average of 19.5 first downs per game -- in 2009 we gave up an average of 19.67 first downs per game, ranking us #72   -- TCU leads the country giving up an average of 11.55 first downs per game.

Third Down Conversion Rate:  2010 Rank - #22 allowing only 35.44% conversion rate on third down -- in 2009 we allowed a 39.5% conversion rate, ranking us #67 -- West Virginia leads the country allowing only a 22.4%  conversion rate. 

Red Zone Efficiency:  2010 Rank - #36 allowing the team to score 79% of the time -- in 2009 we allowed teams to score 75% of the time, ranking us #15 -- Boise State leads the country allowing teams to score 50% of the time.

Turnovers Gained:  2010 Rank - #50 with 18 turnovers gained -- in 2009 we gained 19 turnovers for the season, ranking us #80 -- Hawaii and Oregon lead the country with 29 turnovers gained this season. 

Rushing Yards:  2010 Rank - #66 giving up an average of 155 yards rushing per game -- in 2009 we gave up an average of 170 yards rushing per game, ranking us #89 -- Boston College leads the country giving up an average of 74 yards rushing per game.  

Passing Yards:  2010 Rank - #76 giving up an average of 225 yards passing per game -- in 2009 we gave up an average of 227 yards passing per game, ranking us #76 in the country.  TCU leads the country giving up an average of 135 yards passing per game.

Total Yards:  2010 Rank - #66 giving up 380 yards per game -- in 2009 we gave up an average of 397 yards per game, ranking us #86 -- TCU leads the country giving up 223 yards per game.  

Points Allowed Per Game:  2010 Rank - #45 giving up 22.70 points per game -- in 2009 we gave up 25.3 points per game, ranking us #63 -- TCU leads the country giving up 10.91 points per game. 


Tackles Per Game:
  • Manti Teo -- averaging 10.9 tackles per game -- ranked #9 in the country
  • Darius Fleming -- 5.5 sacks this season -- ranked #55 in the country
  • Ethan Johnson --  5.0 sacks this season -- ranked #68 in the country
  • Harrison Smith -- 3 interceptions this season -- ranked #81 in the country


Notre Dame's Defensive Line: Talkin' Army

Three members of the University of Notre Dame's defensive line; Ethan Johnson, Sean Cwynar and Kapron Lewis Moore -- met with UND.COM's Jack Nolan yesterday to talk about Saturday's game against Army's "triple-option."  Here's the link:


Notre Dame Takes Over the Big Apple!

Only one school in America could take over Manhattan -- and it's that little school "in the middle of nowhere" -- the University of Notre Dame!  If you're a Notre Dame fan -- and you live in the New York area -- here's a schedule of when and where you can see the Irish in town -- along with a link to Notre Dame's GameDay site:


-11:30 AM:  Friday Football Luncheon @ Marriott Marquis, Times Square -- Regis Philbin '53 to host (you need a ticket)

-3:50 PM:  Notre Dame's "ringing of the closing bell" @ NASDAQ in Times Square -- Leprechaun & ND Cheerleaders along with ND administration  (open to the public)

-5:30 PM:  Pep Rally @ Lincoln Center  -- The Band of the Fighting Irish, Coach Kelly, etc. (open to the public)


-10:30 AM:  Mass @ St. Patrick's Cathedral  (open to the public)

-12:00 PM to 12:45 PM:  The Band of the Fighting Irish -- "Concert On The Steps"  in Times Square -- they'll be playing from the "steps" in Duffy Square above the TKTS booth  (open to the Public)

-1:30 PM to 6:00 PM:  Game Day in New York -- Tailgate @ Sheraton Hotel & Towers (sold out)

RUMOR HAS IT:  That the Band of the Fighting Irish will be jumping on the Subway to ride "Notre Dame Subway Alumni" designed subway cars -- out to Yankee Stadium.  I'm guessing they'll be doing this from Grand Central -- keep an eye out for this!

-7:00 PM:  Football game vs. Army @ Yankee Stadium -- a few standing room tickets were still available yesterday.