Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Sunday Conversation -- Coach Brian Kelly

University of Notre Dame Head Football Coach, Brian Kelly -- met with UND.COM's Jack Nolan this afternoon for their weekly Sunday chat.  The mood was a little different today -- in the wake of Notre Dame's 28-3 win over Utah.  Here's a link:


A Utah Grad's First Visit to Notre Dame...

I found this online this morning -- it was a post on a site from a Utah grad who was in town for the game against the University of Notre Dame.  I thought ND fans would enjoy reading this.  The photo above is of the Utah Utes taking pictures of Touchdown Jesus after their Friday "walk through" at Notre Dame Stadium.

Posted by snowbirdute:  Sunday 14 November 2010, at 12:41 am -- Purchased a 45 dollar ND sweat shirt that I thought was really cool yesterday when I first saw it. But at that time I felt like "what was the need to buy another teams apparel? I'm a Ute!"... I gladly paid for it, at the register I took off my Utah shirt and put on the ND sweatshirt. why? I was treated 100 times better by the host school than the sports team of my own school this weekend.

In our tour yesterday the fine...and I mean "FINE" young lady expressed how difficult it was for the senior class to be the losing-est class to attend ND. She gave us detailed history such as steps at ND that no current students walk on until they graduate, because years ago some students were told if they hovered around these very steps they would not graduate. she told us how all the seniors were excited for the Marshmallow Fight at half time, she spoke with great pride on how the school built passage ways through buildings to abide by state laws dictating that "nothing shall impede the marching band". She patiently took pictures of hundreds of Ute fans in front of TD Jesus, cell phone camera shots of red clad fans in the stadium, smiled and pleasantly answered all questions asked. She explained the rivalry within dorms, and traditions surrounding statues, flags, pep rallies. As I put on that sweat shirt this evening I felt great pride in knowing I was wearing the colors of a school I believed in. I had admiration for how the students and fans behaved, I envied their spirit, and drive to achieve what has been, and what may be. I felt the shame of a fellow Utah fan that had been kicked out of the stadium disappear. For several moments I did not know anything about that "crazy lady" who wouldn't stop having voluntary convulsions in front of the band. 

For several rich moments, I didn't care about a drunk shirtless woman, exposing herself for attention at my own stadium during an --- kicking, because at that moment our co-eds were using their good looks, AND brains for attention, not just their breasts. For a few moments My QB dove for first downs not away from hits. I will forever have fond memories of this trip to South Bend Indiana in spite of a few token idiots who attempted to de-rail some amazing Utah fans reputations. 

We as fans are truly infants compared to this group. We have something to aspire too. I graduated from the University of Utah, and I will be a Ute til I die...but tonight its not Go Utes...Its Go Irish!

NBC Replay: Notre Dame vs. Utah

Well, if you missed the game - or, you just want to SEE IT AGAIN!  Here's your link to the replay of Notre Dame's convincing 28-3 victory over the 14th ranked Utah Utes yesterday at Notre Dame Stadium.  Photo courtesy of Marcus Marten/South Bend Tribune


Mike Lee -- Wins With First Round TKO!

Notre Dame grad Mike Lee '09 won his third professional fight last night -- in front of a crowd of 41,738 at Cowboys Stadium -- with a first round knock-out of Keith Dabow.  Lee, who was a "three time" Bengal Bouts Champion while a student at Notre Dame -- landed a devastating left hook-overhand right combination into the head of Debow, and the referee prevented the fight from continuing at the 1:33 marker. The bout was part of the undercard of the much anticipated Pacqiuo vs. Margarito fight -- which Pacquio won in an unanimous decision.  Mike Lee is now 3-0 in his pro boxing career with two wins by knock-out!  Congratulations Mike!

The Morning After -- The Media's Take...

It's been a long time since the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame beat an opponent they weren't expected to -- and in such grand fashion.  Notre Dame's 28-3 win yesterday over an 8-1 Utah team who just eight days ago was ranked 5th in the country -- was convincing.  However, that's how us Notre Dame fans saw it -- here's the media's "take" on the Irish victory: