Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"An Absolute Mess" -- Says Coach Diaco

I have to admit, it was difficult watching Notre Dame Defensive Coordinator Bob Diaco's session with the media after today's practice.  Diaco faced questions, for the first time this season, from a press corp that was "unimpressed" with his Irish defense.  Navy's offensive rushing output of 367 yards Saturday -- was shocking.  Here's a link to Coach Diaco's media session:


The Most Expensive Penalty Flag in History!

The University of Notre Dame's pass interference penalty in the first half of Saturday's game against the Naval Academy -- was the most expensive penalty flag thrown in the history of college football.  IT WAS THE ONLY PENALTY OF THE GAME -- COSTING BOTH SCHOOLS A COMBINED ONE MILLION DOLLARS!  Liberty Mutual announced a promotion in September of this year -- here's a link -- in which they would award $1 million (combined) to both schools who played a "penalty free" NCAA FBS football game.  The defensive pass interference penalty -- an easy call for the officials -- was the only penalty flag that hit the football field in Navy's 35-17 thumping of the Irish.  It was the first time the Naval Academy had not been called for a penalty in eight years.  Saturday's loss to Navy -- which put a huge hit on the Irish's post-season bowl opportunities -- just got a little more expensive...