Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our Worst Loss of All Time?

Folks, I've promised to be POSITIVE on this blog about Notre Dame.  And, I will do my absolute best to continue that trend.  I just got done watching a game that reminded me of the Miami whipping on Gerry Faust's Irish back in the mid-80's -- a game I thought was the worst in Notre Dame football history.  Gang, this may have topped it.  A 217 lb. Navy "back-up" fullback rushed for more than 200 yards today -- the first time in Navy history.  He did this up the middle of a defense that featured supposedly, our best defensive lineman (Ian Williams) and our best linebacker (Manti Teo).  How does that happen -- ALL GAME LONG?  Does Georgia Southern have better athletes than we do on defense?  They held Navy to 109 yards rushing and 13 points.  THINK ABOUT THAT!  We're fortunate that Navy called off "the goats" in the 3rd quarter.  They kicked our fannies.   Never thought I'd write that about Notre Dame football.  Here's a link to Coach Kelly's post game press conference -- not a fun duty today.  It's on right now.


What The "Money's" Saying About -- ND vs. Navy

Every week, the ND GO IRISH BLOG looks to the "experts" in Las Vegas who set the "betting line" on college football games.  The last two weeks -- Vegas has been right on the money, with their point spreads on Irish games.  The Pitt game, ND was a 6 point favorite -- the Irish win 23-17.  The Western Michigan game, ND was a 24 point favorite -- the Irish win 44-20.  COINCIDENCE?  Here's what they're saying about today's game with Navy:

The Irish vs. #1 Ranked Opponents

This evening, the #1 ranked team in college hockey -- Boston College -- will be taking on Jeff Jackson's #17 ranked Fighting Irish at the Joyce Center.  It will be a great early test for this young Notre Dame team.  You may recall that Notre Dame and BC met in the NCAA National Championship game in 2008.  We won't mention who won that game...  In college football, the University of Notre Dame and the University of Oklahoma have beaten more #1 ranked teams than anyone else in history -- with both schools beating teams ranked #1 at the time -- eight times!  Here's a list of all time wins by schools against #1 ranked opponents in college football:
-Notre Dame, 8
-Oklahoma, 8
-Miami (Fla.) 7
-Purdue, 7
-USC, 7
-Texas, 5
-Alabama, 4
-Arkansas, 4
-Michigan, 4
-Ohio State, 4
-Penn State, 4
-Auburn, 3
-Florida, 3
-Illinois, 3
-Minnesota, 3
-UCLA, 3
-Wisconsin, 3
-Arizona, 2
-Georgia Tech, 2
-Kentucky, 2
-LSU, 2
-Maryland, 2
-Michigan State, 2
-Oregon State, 2
-Tennessee, 2
-Arizona State, 1
-Army, 1
-Boston College, 1
-BYU, 1
-Florida State, 1
-Georgia, 1
-Kansas, 1
-Kansas State, 1
-Mississippi State, 1
-Nebraska, 1
-Northwestern, 1
-Rice, 1
-South Carolina, 1
-Stanford, 1
-Syracuse, 1
-Texas A&M, 1
-TCU, 1
-Texas Tech, 1
-Washington, 1
-Washington State, 1