Saturday, September 25, 2010

Game Day @ Notre Dame!

I'm posting this morning from the Fairfield Inn -- New Buffalo, MI.  It's a town on the Lake Michigan shoreline, just a little north and due west of Notre Dame.  Spent all day yesterday with my friend John Pisano (photo) - a retired NYPD officer from Long Island, NY - on his first visit to the Notre Dame campus!  What a day we had!  I'll post a video recap of our visit to the Locker Room, Press Box, Field, Quarterback Luncheon, Pep Rally, etc. -- on Sunday.  To those not as fortunate as John and I today -- sitting in Notre Dame Stadium -- here's where you can tune-in to the Irish leading up to the 3:41 PM EST kick-off for today's game against Stanford:

9 AM EST to KICK-OFF:  Listen to WSBT 960 AM's Notre Dame coverage -- Click Here

11 AM EST:  Watch Notre Dame Stadium Fill Up -- Click Here to a Live Webcam