Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Sunday Conversation: Coach Brian Kelly

Coach Kelly sat down this afternoon with Jack Nolan and the gang over at -- the day after Notre Dame's OT loss to Michigan State. Here's a link to the interview:


The Big East Responds: Is Anyone Surprised?

If this doesn't move Notre Dame to hire its own INDEPENDENT OFFICIATING crew -- I don't know what will.

In the wake of the NFL's description of Calvin Johnson's "non-catch" last week against the Bears and the new officiating term " THE PROCESS." We now have the Big East's "SPIN" of the PROCESS an official goes through to determine whether a play clock has expired. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

So, what they're saying is this; the college play clock isn't 25 seconds. It's 25 seconds plus the time it takes for the Back Judge to take his eyes off the expired play clock (which was at the top of Spartan Stadium), look down to see if the ball is snapped, then some time to think if what he saw - he saw, reach for a flag, throw his flag and blow a whistle... And, if the team had not snapped the ball after all this had transpired, the 25 second PLUS play clock would have been ruled officially expired.

So, in other words -- what we saw, didn't really happen. Michigan State snapped the ball before the play clock REALLY was intended to be expired. Boy, I sure feel better about those Big East guys now. Here' the link to the Big East Conference's official statement:


Reality: This Will Always Be OUR Team!

Folks, we've had a very tough run of games for our boys in the GOLD helmets. I'm sure many will say "seasons." Heck, in our last seven games -- we've lost six -- and the average loss is by 4 points. FOUR POINTS! Our last eight losses have all been by less than a TD.

Yet, we wake up this morning -- emotionally drained -- but, still PASSIONATE IRISH FANS!

Trust me, we're going to be rewarded -- for doing things right. USC can break the rules, the Gators can break the laws -- and win -- but, that's not winning in my book.

I've never been more confident -- than I am this morning -- that Coach Kelly will teach this team how to win again. BELIEVE! We've got a tough game coming up this week against Stanford -- great medicine for what transpired last night.

Being a Notre Dame fan is a gift -- given to many of us by our; Grandparents, Parents, etc. Our foes will laugh at that statement -- only because they just don't know what it means to be a NOTRE DAME FAN. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, could you ever root for another team? Not a chance! This is who we are...

It's time for the "millions" in the Notre Dame Family to gather "round' the table" and get behind our Irish. We Win and we lose -- AS ONE!

Brian Kelly Post Game Remarks

Here's a link to Coach Kelly's time with the media following the Irish's overtime loss to the Spartans. The photo was taken after the game during the playing of the Alma Mater. Here's the link:



As you can see in this photo -- the play clock was at ZERO (look at the red box at the bottom of the photo) before the ball was snapped in OT. Look at Darius Flemming's (#45) reaction in this photo as he realizes the clock runs out. And, look at the play clock in the upper right hand and left hand sections of the Stadium's scoreboard -- they both read: 00. Click on the photo to enlarge.


Are we obligated to give them any of our Bowl money?

Do you think Notre Dame will receive a call from Big East Commissioner John Marinatto saying "SORRY JACK, WE BLEW IT?"

Here's a link to the video so you can watch it in real time -- again, look at the "RED PLAY CLOCK" in the bottom of the TV screen.