Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Notre Dame is Different...

Folks, Gregg Easterbrook's blog post at ESPN today -- is something you need to keep in your back pocket (if/when) the subject of "student-athlete" ever comes up with your friends in the; Big Ten, SEC, ACC, Pac 10, Big 12, WAC, etc. You'll find near the end of Easterbrook's lengthy blog post -- a story about Notre Dame football player Chris Stewart. Stewart is a Law Student at the University of Notre Dame -- who just happens to be a starting offensive lineman. You see, at Notre Dame you're expected to graduate in four years and if you want a fifth year on the gridiron, you've graduated and have enrolled in grad school. Here's the link:


Coach Kelly's Media Session Today

Notre Dame Head Football Coach Brian Kelly, met with the media today at noon -- in his weekly Tuesday press briefing. Here's a link to www.und.com's coverage:


NBC was the WINNER Saturday!

NBC Sports is experiencing the excitement that Brian Kelly has brought to the Fighting Irish football program -- first hand. For the second week in a row -- TV ratings are up big time. The Michigan vs. Notre Dame game was the most watched Notre Dame football game in the past five-years and the most watched featuring these two teams in sixteen-years. It was the twelfth largest audience ever for a NBC telecast of a Notre Dame football game in their twenty-year history with the Irish -- and largest audience ever for two un-ranked opponents. 7 million viewers tuned in to the game -- and the two-game viewership average is the best in four years for Notre Dame football. Here are the five largest TV audiences ever for a NBC broadcast of Notre Dame vs. Michigan football game:

1: #6 Michigan 26, #3 Notre Dame 24 September 10, 1994 10.1 million
2: #3 Notre Dame 17, #6 Michigan 17 September 12, 1992 7.3 million
3: Michigan 28, Notre Dame 24 September 11, 2010 7.0 million
4: #22 Notre Dame 36, #5 Michigan 20 September 5, 1998 6.6 million
5: #20 Notre Dame 25, #7 Michigan 23 September 14, 2002 6.5 million

Pogo Back Flip Record Set on Regis & Kelly!

Former Notre Dame alum, Regis Philbin '53, hosted a Guiness Book of World Records attempt on his Regis & Kelly Show yesterday. It's "Record Breaker Week" as they've partnered with Guiness Book of World Records to break a record -- LIVE -- every day this week. On Monday's show a young man from Akron (Fred Grzybowski) set the world record for most consecutive back flips on a pogo stick! He did nine back flips -- breaking the old record of eight. I didn't know there was such a record -- but I do now! You've got to see this video:


Samardzjia: First Career Win as a Starter!

Jeff Samardzjia earned his first Major League victory as a starter -- pitching 5 2/3 innings of shut out baseball in the Cubs 5-1 victory over the Cardinals last night. The former Notre Dame All-American wide receiver struck out four -- and helped his own cause with an RBI single in the 2nd. The "Shark" was just brought up from the Iowa Cubs -- where he was 11-3 this season. Here's a link to the MLB site and some video of Jeff's big night:


Notre Dame Featured in Coke Zero Promotion

I've been approached on a number of occasions, since this blogged launched this past January, to sell advertising. Each time I've declined. That continues today -- the only reason I'm mentioning this promotion is because it involves our favorite school this week - the University of Notre Dame. Coke Zero is running a contest online (see link below) called the PLAYBOOK CHALLENGE and is giving away some great prizes. It's free -- and it's fun -- a good combination these days! Like any contest, you can't win if you don't play -- here's the link: