Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Coach Kelly's First Pre Game Speech @ ND!

Here's your chance to get inside the Notre Dame Locker room and see what Coach Kelly had to say to the Fighting Irish -- and his first trip down the steps to touch the PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY sign! Here's the link:


Reminder: Green Rules The Day!

This Saturday -- is "Wearin' of the Green" day at Notre Dame Stadium! Show you're behind Coach Kelly and the Fighting Irish by turning Notre Dame Stadium into a SEA OF GREEN @ Saturday's game against Michigan. Whether it's a green shirt, jacket or body paint -- it will all look the same from the field and on television sets all over the world. We need to extend the "GREEN OUT" beyond the Notre Dame student section!

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Swift at Notre Dame

Here's a photo of Taylor Swift, the country pop star, with some of her fans here at Notre Dame. The photo was taken last year when Swift visited Notre Dame with her brother Austin -- when he was a high school senior looking for a college to attend. (One of our visitors at ND GO IRISH BLOG was quick to point out when the photo was taken -- THANK YOU!) Swift was at Notre Dame this weekend to visit her brother Austin (a Notre Dame freshman) and to see a Notre Dame football game. Apparently, Taylor wanted to sit in the Notre Dame student section, but Notre Dame officials talked her out of that idea and she watched the game from the sidelines. Forbes magazine recently ranked the twenty-year old Swift as the 12th most powerful celebrity with earnings of $45 million in the past year.

Coach Kelly & His Team...

Brian Kelly gave "ALL ACCESS" to the www.und.com cameras, into the Notre Dame locker room, after the Irish 23-12 victory over Purdue Saturday. Here's a video of Team Chaplain; Fr. Paul Doyle leading the team in the Our Father and Coach Kelly leading the singing of the Victory March. Click on the TOTAL ACCESS PREVIEW on the right -- good stuff!:


Michigan Week: A Notre Dame History Lesson!

Having been a resident of the State of Michigan for most of my life -- but an Irish fan since BIRTH -- I've always looked forward to these two weeks of the season when we play Michigan and Michigan State. Now, I must admit -- I like these two weeks a whole lot better when we win! So, to get us in the right frame of mind for these next two Saturdays -- I'm going to dig up some classic YOUTUBE video of great moments in these two games. First up, the 1980 game when Touchdown Jesus "stopped the wind" and little known Harry Oliver -- all "five foot nuthin" -- kicked a 51-yard field goal in the final seconds to give the Irish a 29-27 win over Michigan. Here's the link to the last minute of the game -- with a bonus radio call of the kick from Tony Roberts. A MUST WATCH TODAY:


ND Fans: A Reason to Consider Buying an iPad

NBC Sports just gave every Notre Dame fan in the world a reason to buy an iPad. An iPad app for Notre Dame Football. What's the line... "I have an app for that" -- well, Irish fans this may be the app of the year! The app offers a pretty thorough set of ways to follow the team’s season, including a complete schedule, news, live scores, video clips including recaps and interviews, team stats, roster, photo galleries, Twitter updates and a display of the “Inside the Irish” blog. Of course, the app also allows you to pay for live streaming of home game for either $5.99 for the entire season or $1.99 per game. The two coolest features come in the form of notifications. On game day, you can set the app to remind you of the game – by playing the Notre Dame fight song. Then during the game, the app offers push notifications every time there is a score. Now, if we can talk NBC into "giving away" iPads as a promotion for Notre Dame fans -- we may have something here! Here's a link to more information on how to download the app: